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Weite is a new project whose lineup includes Nicholas DiSalvo (Elder, delving) and Michael Risberg (Elder) alongside colleagues Ingwer Boysen and Ben Lubin. The debut album “Assemblage” was released on June 30, 2023 via Stickman Records and contains four tracks. The album opens with “Neuland” characterised by intertwining guitar arpeggios over a solid and elaborate rhythm section. A scratchy electric guitar insert offers a solo cue, while the track’s atmospheres are dilated and combine psychedelia and classic Krautrock with the band’s personal touch. The central theme of the song is developed with layers of sound and fine textures that envelop the listener, guiding him in the exploration of all the sonic facets the band has to offer. With deep sounds and a slower moving rhythm section, “Entzündet” shows a more reflective side of the band. Carrying bass lines, a touch of Prog and the intensity increasing as the minutes go by, taking the sound into heavier territory in the middle section. Keyboards make an important contribution to the melodies, while the tempo changes are an added value to the song structure. In a constant and continuous musical crescendo, the track flows, offering a Heavy Psych with Kraut influences and an Acid touch where all instruments are enhanced. “Rope” despite being over a minute long is the shortest track in duration, with very elaborate rhythmic drumming, deep bass lines and fine keyboard and guitar interlacing. Softer than the previous ones, the second part is developed with acoustic guitar and a dreamy atmosphere that takes us to the finale. The last track of the album, “Murmuration,” is an epic suite of over 14 minutes, which incorporates all the stylistic elements that make up the band’s sound. Softer, dilated parts alternate with more drawn-out ones, combining Psychedelia, Prog and Krautrock in a highly engaging succession of well-composed and executed ideas. The song’s long duration is used in its entirety to develop the central theme and offer the listener a valuable journey that combines tradition with the band’s fresh, modern style. A very interesting and multifaceted project, managing to mix different genres and styles thanks to the quartet’s original personal touch. The long tracks that make up the album are intense and offer a very involving journey, well composed and performed to which each of the members brings his own stylistic contribution. A recommended listen for lovers of Psychedelic sounds with Kraut and Prog influences, entirely instrumental, bringing tradition into a fresh and modern context.


01. Neuland (09:30)
02. Entzündet (09:02)
03. Rope (05:44)
04. Murmuration (14:27)


Nick DiSalvo
Michael Risberg
Ben Lubin
Ingwer Boysen

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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