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Wonder en is wonder is an Italian band that offers Psych/Prog sounds with Bluesy and Heavy veins. In 2013 they released the debut EP “Untitled”, and on January 7, 2020 the self-titled full-length album was released, containing 8 medium-long songs. The name of the band and album translated means “Miracle and it’s miracle” that is a word pun. The opener “Indolence” starts with powerful guitar and organ riffs, a solid rhythmic session and a hard and determined voice. The references to the Heavy Prog of the 70s are mixed with modern and fresh features, acid solos intertwine in the instrumental sections. The bass creates killer bass-lines, the whole song is permeated with atmospheric vintage and the theme develops with a pleasant hard Rock with Blues features, retro and in line with expectations. “Reaching the being” opens with a dark introductory section and then gives life to a massive song with organ and heavy guitars. In the first part the keyboards with organ and synth take the scene in hand with high level solos. In the second part the space is instead of the guitar, a song with continuous tempo changes and the technique of the musicians free to express themselves. “Magic clover” begins with a calmer and lysergic rhythm on which acid vocal with whispered layers in the background are inserted. The intensity increases with passaging the track, and the rhythmic component that accelerates in the end. An excellent track for structure, evolution and impeccable execution. “Jane” is a 70s-style piece with the organ that stands out between the riffs and the guitar inserts, with an acid and expressive vocal. A more rough song, with an intricate structure at times, showing the band’s versatility. “Rakshabandhan dope” is an excellent mix of 70s Blues and Hard Rock sounds, which after the initial phase takes on darker characters. Here, too, it is somewhat intricate and more experimental, with pleasant changes and evolutions of the theme, good singing as always. “Unni” is an acid Blues that changes its characters several times during this psychedelic journey, going from more aggressive moments with Prog shades to others immersed in the lysergic. The length of the piece is functional to the development of the track, also giving expressive freedom to the musicians and their technique. “Dance of the firefly” reaches almost 9 minutes, with the organ standing out on scratchy guitar riffs. Here too the retro themes permeate the song, which in certain passages creates riffs and melodies that bring us back to the golden age of rock. The album closes with ”Scylla and Charybds,“ the longest track with nearly 14 minutes, starting with an initial Blues Rock setting. Mixing all the styles and influences that make up their sound, from Heavy Prog to Psychedelia through more acidic moments, this track best summarizes the sounds and intentions of the Italian band. An album that takes us back in time with quality and technique, offering sounds that are difficult to find in a contemporary band. A test in which all musicians express talent and manage to give their fresh and modern imprinting to a purely vintage genre. Lovers of Psych / Prog sounds will appreciate this work and this band, which will surely be talked about after this good debut.


1. Indolence (08:49)
2. Reaching the Being (09:28)
3. Magic Clover (07:42)
4. Jane (04:49)
5. Rakshabandhan Dope (05:57)
6. Unni (08:25)
7. Dance of the Firefly (08:59)
8. Scylla and Charybdis (13:52)


Filippo Landi / Guitars, Vocals 
Giulio Chiasserini / Bass, Vocals 
Enrico Anzalone / Drums 
Leonardo Nincheri / Keyboards, Synthesizers 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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