[Review] Wyvern – Radiations

Wyvern is a band made up of 4 young artists that offers Progressive Rock/Metal sounds with innovative and personal traits. The new album “Radiations” was released on March 18, 2022 via Wormholedeath Records and contains 7 tracks. Radiations follows the story of a man who is engaged in a survival in a world that isn’t his di lui anymore, his hallucinations, and his search for answers. The album opens with the title track “Radiations” and a guitar arpeggio to which is added powerful drumming and synth textures. The vocal is dynamic and expressive, and the sound evolves by mixing Prog Metal and Gothic features with more electronic synth inserts and the vocal alternates more melodic and other more aggressive parts. In the second part the band offers an intense instrumental section that enhances the technique of the artists involved, between tempo changes and solo inserts. The following “Amnesia” is characterized by modern Progressive Metal sounds, with a fine synth and guitar malgamation. The tempo changes are an added value of the rhythmic, solid and elaborate session and the precise and punctual solo inserts alternate with the intense vocal parts. In the second part an instrumental section is developed with the synth and the guitar in evidence, to underline the excellent vocal interpretation both in the open clean and in the more aggressive ones. More energetic and accelerated “Black Medicine” offers intricate textures with sophisticated guitar and synth weaves on which the excellent vocals stand out. Continuous tempo changes make this track original and elaborate, a winning blend of traditional Prog and Metal, The song’s complex textures make it one of the best on the album. Complex and accessible, engaging and technical, it contains refined plots that enhance both the compositional and executive techniques of the band. “The Race” combines more electronic synth sounds with massive guitar riffs and a solid, at times powerful rhythm session. With more modern sounds that highlight the personal traits of the band and their research and experimentation within Progressive Metal, it is a fresh and original track. For lovers of Prog sounds, in the instrumental section a valuable keyboard solo takes the stage, then leaving space for an intense solo of electric guitar. An arpeggio and orchestrations create a dreamy atmosphere in the short interlude “Acceptance,” dampening the tones between the more energetic tracks on the disc. “Fading Fear” begins with a guitar arpeggio and a deep bass line, as the track slowly develops adding sweet piano notes. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, showing a more delicate facet of the band’s sound, but always very intense and full of pathos both in the vocal and instrumental parts. The album closes with “The Traveler” which is the longest running track, featuring a long and pompous intro with a warm and expressive vocal. At 2 minutes the track opens with massive guitar riffs and a powerful rhythm session, excellent keyboard melodies and the sound is transformed into a quality Prog Metal. Enriched by tempo changes, it develops between more melodic passages and others that are more Heavy, where the variations to the theme are of a high level, mixing various genres of modern Metal with Prog. This young band has character and talent, delivering a very intense and elaborate album with well composed and executed quality ideas. A listening recommended for all lovers of modern Progressive Metal sounds, the band is able to explore and blend multiple genres and styles. In my humble opinion one of the best Prog Metal plays of recent times, an excellent album.


01. Radiations (8:02)
02. Amnesia (5:27)
03. Black Medicine (5:52)
04. The Race (5:14)
05. Acceptance (1:49)
06. Fading Fear (4:44)
07. The Traveler (9:10)


Julien Wetterwald / Guitars, Vocals
Laurent Martin / Synths
Aurélie Martin / Bass
Alexandre Pires / Drums

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Wormholedeath Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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