[Review] Xavier Boscher – Starseed I

Xavier Boscher is a French guitarist who has been making a name for himself on the scene in recent years by releasing many good albums. One of Xavier‘s characteristics is that he is a prolific artist, capable of releasing several albums even in the same year. His style that we have come to know and appreciate over time incorporates elements of New Age, Space Metal, Fusion and more. Progressive Metal/Rock is the starting point from which Xavier evolves his long instrumental textures and musical concepts, rich in ideas and technical passages with his faithful guitar always in the foreground. The new album “Starseed I,” which was released on April 20, 2023, also continues the exploration of this type of sound, with eight tracks inside, including a final epic suite of over 14 minutes. We move from softer moments to more pulled and aggressive ones that result in the artist’s more Metal traits, built around granite riffs and technical and elaborate lead guitar work. Within the album, listeners will find tracks ranging from heavier and darker Prog Metal like “Alpha Centaurian,” to more intricate and technical tracks like “Lightworker” and “Lemurian.” More Symphonic Prog passages such as “Pleiadian” and “Sirusian” to tracks with a more modern imprint in sound such as “Arcturian” and “Andromedan.” The album ends with an epic of over 14 minutes “Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow,” that encapsulates within it all the musical nuances and concepts that make up the artist’s style. the long duration of the track allows it to be developed with various sections that mix Prog Metal, Sinfonic, New Age, Fusion and more. Also on this album, Xavier enhances his performing technique, with very elaborate solo parts and constantly evolving tracks with tempo changes and well-constructed melodies. A recommended listen for lovers of instrumental sounds of Prog, with a modern imprint and markedly personal traits.


01. Pleiadian (05:14)
02. Alpha Centaurian (03:55)
03. Lightworker (02:23)
04. Lemurian (03:36)
05. Sirusian (04:29)
06. Arcturian (04:15)
07. Andromedan (04:17)
08. Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow (14:54)


Written, painted, played & produced by Xavier Boscher

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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