[Weekly Playlist] #20

Progressive Rock Journal like every week present a selection of tracks made by artists who was reviewed or of which an article was made in the news section during the past week. No artist is privileged over others and they all have the same space as a single song, composing a varied playlist that reflects the character of the Webzine, from the 70s Progressive music up to its many facets that have been created over time. 

The artists involved this week are:

Keith Emerson (Piano Improvisation)
Joe Satriani
Rck Wakeman
Hats Of Gentlemen It’s Adequate
Tangerine Dream
Diabulus In Musica
Man Till God
Vivaldi Metal Project
Nine Skies
Wishbone Ash
Tombstone Eyes
Major Kong
Transport Aerian
Steely Dan & Steve Winwood

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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