[Hidden Rarities #11] ExCubus

ExCubus is a prog band born in Québec, Canada in the early 70s. They are considered one of the best obscure bands ever produced in Canada, their style is close to the sounds of ELP, with a rougher touch. The band composed by André Degue (Guitar, Vocals), Luc Giroux (Bass), Leo England (Drums) and Michael Phaneuf (Keyboards) had a short life, dissolving in 1971 without ever having recorded anything. Shortly afterwards the group reformed with the entry into line-up of Marc Delage (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and in 1973 by Pierre Poulet (Guitars). Before this reunion, England, Phaneuf and Delage collaborated with other Prog projects such as Sad, Igor and Polygone. In 1974, they recorded 4 tracks at the legendary Chateau D’Herouille in France, which never saw the light. Only in 2008 thanks to Musique Progres, together with four other cuts of old material are published as “Memories Incobussiennes.” A detail is that at the time the band had chosen the name “Incubus,” recently modified in ExCubus, to avoid being confused with a group of the identicle name of a very different kind. The first four recordings have a more vintage sound. The other four, although the instruments are the same, are less appealing and with sounds that the technological contribution has made colder. Mainly instrumental, just in the songs “Apple tree Paradise” and “Pendergas” we find some sunged verses. Based on the hammond with a solid rhythmic base, melancholy and dark melody, only in the last four tracks is there any guitar insert. The band on the wave of the release of the album, started to write again, recording in 2011 a second album “Legauchetiere,” giving life to the new era of ExCubus. The album is dark, gloomy and very similar to the ’70s sounds, with better equalization compared to the final pieces of the previous one. Here too, the organ is the master, well-supported by a harder guitar, noteworthy is the structure and the tidiness of the songs. A blast from the past, for this band that lives a second youth 35 years after its foundation, but remaining in a niche context, two albums for collectors and enthusiasts. “Memories Incobussinnes” was released on CD in 2008 for ProgQuebec and has never been reprinted. The same is true for “Laguauchetiere”, both of which are little-known and hard to find. A band and two publications that are part of this editorial given that for years, almost 40. The recordings remained in a drawer, only in 2008 were they rightly produced. The quality expressed by the band is good, we are not talking about masterpieces, but two good albums, which could be a pleasant listening for Prog lovers in general and not only collectors and enthusiasts. The 4 tracks that open the first album are the most representative of the band’s sound, even if both discs are pleasant.


(2008) Mèmoires Incubussinnes (Recorded in 1974) [Musique Progres]
(2011) Lagauchetière [ProgQuébec]


[Mèmoires Incubussinnes]
Marc Delage / Guitar, Bass, Voices
Léo England / Drums
Michel Phaneuf / Keyboars
Pierre Poulet / Guitar, Voices (track 1-4)
André Barrière/ Guitars (track 5-8)
Claude Phaneuf / Guitars (track 5-8)

Marc Delage / Guitar, Bass, Voices
Léo England / Drums
Michel Phaneuf / Keyboars
Claude Phaneuf / Guitar
André Barrière / Guitar

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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