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Dear readers, it is with great pleasure that we offer you an interview with a historical band of Scandinavian Progressive Rock, we welcome Kaipa. The new album “Urskog” released at the end of April 2022, which we had the pleasure of listening to and reviewing on the pages of our webzine.

First of all thank you for this interview, how are you?

I’m fine and as always when we release a new album it feels great to get all the positive feedback from people all around the globe.

The history of the band begins in the early 70s, how has your sound evolved since then?

I think we are a modern band with a sound of 2022 but with a mix of our favourite timeless sounds from the past. I still like my old Hammond organ, mellotron sounds, electric pianos, minimoog and my distorted leadsynth sounds (that I started to develope in the late 70’s). They are like a part of me and the sound of Kaipa.

(Hans Lundin) Are there any anecdotes or details that you want to remember from the early years of the band, something to tell old and new fans?

I think most anecdotes have already been told in earlier interviews. I started playing in my first band “S:t Michael Sect” in 1964. The years 1964-1973 were except a lot of hard work and lots of fun the best education I could ever get, I learned so much and I took all this knowledge with me when I decided to start Kaipa in 1973. Today it feels like I have a large library filled with experiences somewhere in my inner musical universe that I can open up and find inspiration when I’m composing.

When we formed the band in 1973 in was from a total zero. Not one single person did know about this band. We started to rehearse eight hours a day with a strong belief and conviction that we could create something great.

After a long hiatus in 2000 the band reformed by releasing several albums, the latest being “Urskog” on April 29, 2022. How would you describe this new work?

I think that since Per Nilsson joined the band in 2006, we found a new personality and identity for the band that we have continued to develop for each new album. “Urskog” is the latest album in a series of albums starting with “Angling Feelings” in 2007.

I’ve said many times that maybe this is the last KAIPA album but somehow I use to find inspiration and come up with new ideas and start working on a new album. If this is the case even this time only the future can tell.

The tracks, as always, has refined lyrics, what are the themes of the album?

It’s an album about seasons and the heart of the Swedish nature. A journey that starts in the long cold winter, takes us through the summer and ends in the autumn when we finally say goodbye to the summer with memories from summer nights when the sun refused to set.

Your style mixes different genres of Prog, where would you place this new album?

I use to say that we play “progressive folk-fusion-rock music” and I think that’s a good description.

Unfortunately this pandemic has changed many plans for tour dates in the previous two years, will there be a chance to hear this record and your live music?

The last live performance with KAIPA was in December 1982. Today Kaipa is strictly a studio project and I have no plans to change that.

Over the years, Prog music has changed compared to the sounds of the early 70s, how do you see the future of the genre?

I hope there will always be an interest in music that draws inspiration from several different sources and forms something new.

You have a great experience, what advice would you give to young artists who decide to offer more elaborate music like yours?

So many ambitious bands starting to play hoping for success but after a few years they give up. I know it’s not easy, but most important is probably that you must find an own personal sound and identity in songwriting and performance.

As usual, I conclude with a free question, to allow you to talk about any topic of your choice not covered in the previous questions.

I never decide in advance a specific direction for a new album. I just let the inspiration take me, sometimes on familiar paths and sometimes in totally new directions. I always want a good melody to be the center and the core of a new song. Often they come to me in most unexpected situations. Sometimes when I drink my morning coffee and sometimes when I take a walk. Suddenly some notes begin to play in my head forming a melody. When this happens, I go to my studio and record a simple sketch so I don’t forget it. Then I can return after a week or so and listen to it again. If I still like the melody I start developing it into a song. It can take a few days or a few months to finish the song. Sometimes it becomes just a short song and sometimes one of those long epic Kaipa tracks.

I also want to mention our new drummer “Darby Todd”. He’s taking our music to new levels and bring new colours into the songs. I’m really happy to have him in the band now.

Thanks to Kaipa for the interview, an honor for our webzine to be able to propose this article. Wishing you the best for the continuation of your musical career and for the release of the new chapter of your excellent discography.

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