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We are pleased to offer you in this article an interview with an American band that offers Prog sounds whose second album “Thank You From the Future” was released on August 08, 2022. We welcome the Moon Letters.

Hi, how are you?

Michael: We’re very well, thank you.

Dave: Happy to be there, thanks!

The genre you propose is a Progressive Rock with different contaminations and 70s reminiscences, where does your passion for these sounds come from?

Dave: We are definitely big fans of music from “classic rock” period in the 60s and 70s but our influences are actually pretty diverse. It seems like the “prog” term gets added to any band that plays longer songs with multiple time signatures but we aren’t trying to do that stuff to sound like anyone in particular, its just what happens when we write.

The band members come from different backgrounds and groups, how did this project was born?

Dave: I had been playing in metal bands for a few years but was read to return to a more rock oriented project. I put an ad in classified looking for a drummer and got a reply from Michael Trew. Once I heard his vocals I knew immediately that he was special and we began cooking up the beginnings of what would become Moon Letters. Michael brought in Mike Murphy and John Allday. I knew that we needed a really special “x-factor” drummer and I asked Kelly Mynes, an old friend who I’d always wanted to start a band with, if he was free. It turned out the the timing was right and he was into the project. Everyone really brought their own unique voice and the band was born.

> Your album “Thank You From the Future” was released on August 08, 2022, how would you describe this work?

Dave: Thank You From the Future is our 2nd album. We released “Until They Feel the Sun” in 2019. I think the new album represents big steps forward in terms of song writing and production. We had time throughout the pandemic to demo the songs, sometimes multiple times, and keep tweaking them and adding layers. That seems to have paid off as we are super proud of the album. The new album is much more of a headphone listen, with lots of fun little overdubs and some really bizarre and weird stuff deep in the mix. There are a couple things I keep hoping a reviewer will mention but no one has yet so we’ll see!

Long-lasting tracks and sophisticated musical textures in addition to the lyrics, what are the themes of the album?

Michael: We were going for a few new sounds on this record. Robert Cheek, our producer, really captured Kelly’s powerhouse drumming, and Mike’s very articulate bass work. Lyrically, one listener said this album seems a bit more stream of consciousness than linear storytelling.

Your music is full of tempo changes and elaborate textures, how the compositional process takes place?

Dave: For the new album most of the songs started as demos that one individual member wrote. During the peak of the pandemic we had to send tracks back and forth via email but once we were able to get together in a room, then we were able to really workshop things. While the initial demos were complete songs, the final versions often sound pretty different because of all the bits that each member brings to the table. Sometimes additional riffs or sections were even added to the song. So while each song usually started with one band member, its safe to say that we all contribute and that each member is an important part of the songwriting process. If one person were missing it would sound quite different.

In addition to the music, the lyrics are also refined, what themes do they deal with?

Michael: I suppose the present, and future of humans. Things like climate change events and the pandemic have brought many thoughts of “how will we carry on/ where are we going?”. So various stories of end of the world/into the new world, be it space travel or inner evolution.

Many of your fans and our readers are wondering if there will be a chance to hear your music live, do you have any plans for that?

Michael: We have played many times locally in Seattle, which has been great. Many of our fans are scattered all around the world (seems common in prog rock!), we are hoping to connect with the right festivals or booking amanagement to get us to those places. We’re still hoping.

Yours is a very interesting album full of ideas, do you already have plans for future releases?

Dave: We are definitely thinking about the third album and may approach the writing a little differently just to keep things interesting and to push ourselves in new directions.

The music market has changed a lot in recent years, how difficult is it to establish yourself with a more sought-after music genre like yours?

Dave: We are all much more concerned with making music than any part of the music “business.” Michael has done an incredible job of getting our albums into the world through countless hours of correspondence and trips to the post office.

The change is continuous both in music but above all in Prog, how do you see the future of the genre?

(Dave) I think the term “progressive rock” comes in and out of vogue but there will always be people who like adventurous and expansive music. Perhaps the genre name will change someday, and that would be totally fine with us.

> What advice would you give to a young band approaching the modern music scene by offering Progressive sounds?

Michael: I think many of us feel like prog rock is a very fringe genre these days. It kinda is, but if you look around your community, you’ll likely find many others to share your interests in the genre. Also, fans of many genres enjoy prog rock, so don’t be shy to play on various kinds of music bills.

A curiosity, do you have other passions or artistic projects outside of music?

Michael: Many of us are into hiking and nature. Travelling too, there are many oddities to see visiting the states by car.

As usual I leave the last question free, to allow you to talk about any topic of your choice not touched on in the previous questions.

Michael: Just thank you for taking the time to talk with us. We hope to come to the area to perform when the chance arises, we are brainstorming of the ways. We hope you are enjoying the summer there.

Thanks to Moon Letters for the pleasant interview, wishing them the best for the continuation of their musical career.

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