[Interview] Exclusive interview with Ribbons Of Euphoria

Dear readers, in this article we propose an interview with one of the bands that struck me most this year, with their new album “You Don’t Care” released on May 10, 2022. We welcome Ribbons Of Euphoria from Greece.

> First of all, hello how are you?

N.P. Hello, nice to meet you. We just got out of a very intense band fight! Don’t worry, everybody is safe, the band still exists! In the case that anyone is interested, it was about artistic priorities, band/life balance and future goals…

HS Hello, my mane is Harris Sideris, the current bass player.

> Yours is a band that offers a rock with retro features, where does your passion for the genre comes from and what are your sources of inspiration?

N.P. Well, I was raised in the last wave of the Classic Rock era. The more peculiar a song apeared to be the more intriguing it was. I was pushed steadily into Progressive Rock and Jazz Rock. My passion comes from discovering something different. A new sound, a harmony or a melody. Common things do not appeal to me even from a young age. I have only one source of inspiration. I consume music. Tons of it. I’ve listened to so many good stuff that when I write something, I’m unable to find where it comes from.

HS In my opinion, the 60s and 70s offered some of the best music ever written. I find great inspiration listening to bands like King Crimson, Black Sabbath, Camel, Cream etc, but when it comes to composing a piece, personal feelings and experiences are involved. Everyones own life goes through emotions, good or bad, strong and inspiring; and I communicate them through music.

> You released in May the third studio album “You Don’t Care” which really impressed me a lot, how would you describe this new work?

N.P. Thank you for your kind words. How is someone able to describe such a huge process? I can describe the difference of this work in comparison with the conformity that characterizes most of music done in our time. Most of the musicians out there believe that when you write the melody and the chords or riffs, the work is done. This is wrong. That’s when all the hard work starts! That’s when, having a solid musical base, you have to explore the possibilities. And they are infinite. It’s the general arrangement and depth of
orchestration that alleviates the song to a high listening experience. A song is characterized from the upper lines, above the basic harmony. Line upon line upon line until there is nothing more you can put in it. Until it is complete. Interwining melodies with upper structure harmonies upon others with “out” notes in every possible passage and part. Although sometimes a song defies the will of the composer and “chooses” to be

> In addition to the music, the vocals are also very intense, what topics do the lyrics deal with?

N.P. Yes, they are pretty intense. They come directly from feelings and everyday ordeals. 3/4” is about the outcast. Making the question to himself. The “bullet” is the answer.

You Don’t Care is a direct accusation. If Freedom is personalized, how many sacrifices must be made until she is achieved… Foundation of control is literally about the title. Fact, opinion, point of view and desire.
The 4 foundations for control. Hold on to my Gun is a song about possessiveness. The last time I gave in to such thoughts. Invisible Prison is about love. Pretty obvious don’t you think? Death is the Road to Awe is the life’s cycle. Imagine if not only our bodies were transformed but also our consiousness.

> The band was formed in 2006, how has your sound evolved since then?

N.P. We started as a power trio. Drums, Organ and guitar. From something that resembled a mix of heavy rock bands of the late 60s with organ based jazz rock trios, we evolved by combining the sound foundation we developed early on with symphonic elements and experimentation with sounds that offer more clarity to the complex harmonies. We were obligated to sacrifice volume and thickness off the basic instruments to do that. Thus, we came to todays sound. As far as production is concerned, we still use “frequency envelopes” and mix that resembles the late 60s and early 70s era with a personal touch.

> Your sounds are energetic and full of ideas, how does the creative process of the songs take place?

N.P. Creation of a song is a personal situation. One must be alone with one’s self to do that. After the basic melody and the accompanying harmony are set, we discuss or brainstorm to be exact. We seperate roles for the instruments. Rarely we play the same lines. We create layers upon layers of riffs and harmonies. Guitar on top of the bass, on top of the organ, on top of the strings and brass or whatever instrument we can think of. Sometimes the instrumentation accompanies the vocal melody and sometimes does something else entirely. Sometimes even, after most of the instruments are recorded, we play keyboards, even randomly, above the recordings to find something worth incorparating into the song. Our basic principle is that all instruments must serve the song. Never the other way around. So, through hard work and constantly reinventing compositions, we come up with a huge load of ideas. Most of them never made it to the album! As far as the energy is concerned, we are people that hate boredom. Something must be happening at every step of the way. To keep us involved.

HS The whole procces is done in the recording studio. All together, jamming and suggesting ideas to one another, based on a theme, until eventually the final piece is formed.

> Many of your fans and our readers are wondering if there will be the possibility to listen to your music live, do you have any plans for it?

N.P. Well, we allways play small gigs around our base in Athens. Unfortunately, there is a small but dedicated crowd here for this style of music. We’d love to visit Italy and play for you guys! Or maybe arrange a live stream which is in fashion these days.

> Rock music has changed over the years, how do you see the genre in the future?

HS As techology advances, less and less natural instuments are used and most of the music made is digital. We have hope this will change before we move to a fully digital musical era.

N.P. I really do not know what to expect nowdays. Even the greats of the genre fall out of inspiration. If we compare compositions of the past with contemporary ones, there is a huge difference. I rarely listen to a song that will stand in the passage of time. There are a lot of good ones, but not great. Also, this genre is not in the spotlight anymore. People go for a catchy melody and mediocre lyrics. Fast and easy. Like everything around us in this era. Less and less people have the time to create high quality music and art and to invest
time, money and soul. Everything must be done fast and easy. We, opposing this phenomenon, will continue with more richness and complexity of composition exactly like this genre deserves!

> What advice do you want to give to young artists who approach the world of music by offering Rock and Progressive sounds nowadays?

HS Do it with all your strength. Be patient but also persistent. And always have your mind on your goal.

N.P. I’m terrible at advice! But if I have to… There it goes… Study, study some more, then study again. Never stop learning. Listen to music. Do not cover it. Just listen. Listen to a new album every day. Something you never heard before. Listen to the greats. From any genre. You don’t have time for mediocrities. Consume art. Read a book every month. Visit the library. Look at a painting. Study an elaborate building, dance. Music is ART. Consume ART. Keep in touch with nature. Sing the pictures and hear the colours. Be a human. Don’t copy other people’s music. I want to hear what YOU have to say. Become yourself. Don’t concern yourself with fame and money. Concern yourself with ART! Develop a taste by knowing what YOU don’t like. And last but not least. Do not be a perfectionist. All masterpieces have mistakes. It’s what makes them unique.
Please by any means. Don’t listen to rap and metal. And of course Greek pop music is shit!

> The last question, as usual, I leave it free to be able to talk about any topic not covered in the previous ones.

N.P. It’s not too often that somebody considers your work a masterpiece. It’s a true honor having a record considered a worthwhile listening. As a songwriter, composer and a lyricist, I consider my self very far from the best. That seat is taken…

I thank the band for the pleasant interview, wishing them the best for the continuation of
their artistic career.

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