[News] Aaron Lee Tasjan release the single “Computer of Love” from forthcoming album

Aaron Lee Tasjan release the single “Computer of Love,” the track is ttaken from the forthcoming album “Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!” that will be available February 5, 2021 via New West Records. Watch the new video below:

Official New West Records Press Release:

Every now and then an artist comes along who makes you remember why you started listening to albums in the first place: Aaron Lee Tasjan is that artist. With his wrecked cool, off-center charm, and restless creative dazzle, he makes music with conviction that has its roots in Rock’s murky past, armed with an arsenal of songs that spill over with humor, intelligence, irony, personal vision and at times prophecy.

An obsessive creative, Aaron Lee Tasjan writes Pop songs with a twist, a little overdriven, far too honest at times. He updates the idea of androgyny but dispels the emotional and social ambiguity with lyrics that reflect his own geographic and artistic wanderings.

You get the sense over Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!’s 11 songs that the man who began the album is not the same man who completed it, transformed both by the experiences that inspired the songs and crafting them. This is not anxious music for anxious times, but rather music as an antidote for anxious times. It is the sound of the future arriving.


01. Sunday Women
02. Computer of Love
03. Up All Night
04. Another Lonely Day
05. Don’t Overthink It
06. Cartoon Music
07. Feminine Walk
08. Dada Bois
09. Now You Know
10. Not That Bad
11. Got What I Wanted

Pre-Orders are open through the label’s Official Webstore: https://store.newwestrecords.com/collections/aaron-lee-tasjan

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