[News] Altesia publish the official band playthrough video for the track “The Confined Child”

French Prog Metallers Altesia publish the official band playthrough video for the track “The Confined Child,” watch it through the band’s official YouTube Channel below:

Altesia comment: “To be confined doesn’t mean to be inactive ! We’ve taken advantage of this situation to record our first music video ever, renamed ‘The Confined Child’ for the occasion ! 🙂 All the instruments were re-recorded for the video (except the keyboards and Clément’s vocals and rhythm guitar for logistical reasons due to confinement). We hope you’ll enjoy the video as much as we did ! Stay safe, and we hope we’ll be able to go back on stage shortly!


Hugo Bernart – Bass
Henri Bordillon – Keyboards
Alexis Casanova – Lead guitar
Clément Darrieu – Rhythm guitar & vocals
Thibault Malon (Guest – from the band Unicorn Blaster) – Violin
Yann Ménage – Drums, mix, editing

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For more technical details, here is a message from Yann who did the mix and the editing work: “Hey ! Yann here ! I hope you will enjoy this “special music session” from us, during this lockdown time. I am here to talk about what we used in terms of gear, methods and processing, as usual ! Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly, because it was not possible for every single musician to re-record there parts. A few words for each instruments:

  • Alexis on guitar : this madlad recorded absolutely everything again for this video, on his beloved MESA amp and cab ! The sound appears really similar to the album version, because of the exact same setup used (from the mic placement to the guitar). Absolutely no editing and in a single take for each voice (rythm, lead and solo).
  • Hugo on bass guitar : another madlad who did everything in a single take, and filmed from a simple smartphone. The BIG CHANGE here compared to the album is the change in the bass player, which was mandatory (“Look !! This is our super (not so) new (anymore) bass player !!”)… The bass sound comes for “DI + Axe Fx” blend if I recall correctly. No editing and one single take.
  • Myself on drums : unfortunately, I am not so much of a madlad on this one. Despite no editing done (I can take the compliment on this one), it was done in 4 separate takes. You can obviously guess where the cut are with the pauses of the song, except for the “drum solo” part near the end, which I did entirely separately. I was stressed out by the short time I was allowed by my family to beat the s**t out of my drumkit, so I panicked quite a bit to be honest. No editing, several takes, a fair amount of processing obviously, and no samples used except the kick which is my own blend 80% natural/20% sample.
  • Clément on guitar and vocals : sadly, being lockdown far from the city with no recording gear at all, resulted in the necessary used of the album takes for both the voice and the guitar. And because I am lazy, I used the “time aligned” takes from the album session. Originally, the voice was recorded on a SE2200, and the guitar was reamped on Alexis’s amp. For this video, his guitar goes through the Archetype Nolly from Neural DSP (Marshall mod amp), and the result appears quite good !
  • Henri on synths : same problem as Clément. Therefore, all the synth parts in this video, including the solo where Henri nailed the synchronization (kudos to him !), come from the album version.

To conclude, I had a blast redoing the audio mix (a bit less for the video editing, being not my specialty) for such musicians and such a good song, so I hope you will enjoy it as much as me! Yann

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