[News] AMS to release “Livesmere” the double live album by Ellesmere feat. John Hackett

AMS releases the rousing live record of the popular Roman modern Symphonic Prog band. Two concerts dating back to 2019, with the addition of two unreleased songs with special guests John Hackett and Fabio Liberatori.

A double live-album for Ellesmere, one of the most popular Italian Progressive bands, also adored abroad. Following the publication, in just five years, of three records that have consecrated Ellesmere among the leading names in modern Symphonic Prog, the band led by multi-instrumentalist Roberto Vitelli knocks again on the door of Progressive Rock fans with a double live registered in 2019.

At the time “Wyrd,” the third studio album by Ellesmere, had not yet been released: “Livesmere” therefore reproduces almost the entire first two albums “Les Châteaux de la Loire” and “Ellesmere II / From Sea and Beyond.” Thanks to this work Roberto Vitelli directly compares the two main souls of the project: the calm, pastoral, acoustic and folk one of the debut album, the more energetic and Rock one of the second, whose long and articulated songs flow perfectly, played by the excellent musicians who have been accompanying Vitelli on his journey for some time (Daniele Pomo, Giacomo anselmi, Paolo Carnelli, Fabio Bonuglia, Giorgio Pizzala, Valerio Cesarini, Alex Mevi).

To embellish everything we also find two unreleased 2019 “Rain To Come” and “Nightfall,” with the band composed of Fabio Agresta, Fabrizio Sclano, Alessandro Gregori. “Nightfall” is enhanced by the participation of Fabio Liberatori but also of John Hackett – brother of the famous Steve Hackett – on the flute.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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