[News] Aumega Project shared the official full stream for Astral Magic’s compilation “Flight Charts”

German netlabel Aumega Project shared the official full stream for Astral Magic‘s new compilation album “Flight Charts” out on July 26, 2023. Stream the whole album through the YouTube player below:

Astral Magic – “Flight Charts (The Compilation)
All music and lyrics by Santtu Laakso, except “Psychedelic Warlords,” music and lyrics by Dave Brock and “Wonders of the World,” lyrics by Kev Ellis.
All tracks mixed by Santtu Laakso and mastered by Jonathan Segel, except “Too Fast” mastered by Dr. Koch.

Purchase the compilation on Bandcamp: https://aumegaproject.bandcamp.com/album/flight-charts

The Flight Crew:
Santtu Laakso
/ Vocals, Bass, Synthesisers, Guitars, Beats
Jay Tausig / Drums, Guitars, Sax, Vocals (Track 1 & 6)
Jonathan Segel / Guitars, Violin (Track 7, 9 & 10)
Jaire Pätäri / Guitars (Track 6)
Ilya Lipkin / Guitars (Track 4)
Stefan Olesinski / Lead Guitar (Track 5)

Track 1 “Psychedelic Warlords” – from forthcoming Hawkwind tribute album, out as Digital single
Track 2 “Set on Flames” – different version of a track from “Lords of Space
Track 3 “Puma Punku” – from forthcoming “Sacred Mysteries
Track 4 “Flying High” – from forthcoming “Into the Cosmos
Track 5 “Wonders of the World” – from “Cosmic Energy Flow
Track 6 “Too Fast” – from “Am I Dreaming?
Track 7 “Autumnal Equinox” – YouTube single edit of a track from “The Last Survivors on Planet Earth
Track 8 “Strange Sensation” – from forthcoming “Strange Sensation
Track 9 “Lights in the Sky” – from forthcoming “Experiences in Hyperspace
Track 10 “Beyond the Horizon” – from “Vortex of Eternal Light

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Aumega Project |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

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