[News] Australian Experimental Rock act SEIMS shares new Electro-Prog single “Showdown Without A Victim”

Australian Experimental Rock act SEIMS shared the third single “Showdown Without A Victim” from forthcoming album “Four,” out October 22, 2021. 

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Simeon BartholomewSeims has evolved into an explorational and formidable band over the course of several records. The new record showcases the band’s delicately crafted arrangements on tracks including the beguiling 65daysofstatic “Wild Light” era tinged Post-Math-Rock of “Elegance Over Confidence,” the soaring modern Post-Rock of “The Mountain’s Scream” and the dark “Stranger Things” evoking Electro-Prog of new single “Showdown Without A Victim.”

Seims mastermind Simeon Bartholomew comments: “I feel like this song summises the album perfectly. It’s all about the journey of two voices arguing over who is right. The argument intensifies with a 5/8 riff that moves up half a step with every rotation – it never lets you release. Literally, never. Even through the “choruses” of Theme B, the punctuation of the downbeat on the 11th bar is there to end the sentence – but it never feels naturally resolved. Eventually, both parties end up saying the same thing in their own words; and they both realise they’re wrong. The closing 11/4 passage takes you through their unified, unending moment of questioning. There’s no more fighting; and there’s no resolve. Just eternal limbo.”

Check out “Showdown Without A Victim” on streaming platforms here: https://ffm.to/showdownwithoutavictim  Bandcamp: http://www.seims.bandcamp.com

New album “Four” was written & produced by Simeon Bartholomew himself, engineered by Tim Carr (We Lost The Sea), mixed by Alex Wilson (sleepmakeswaves) & mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice. As well as Simeon performing bass, guitars, synths, piano & vocals himself, it also features blistering performances from Plini drummer Chris Allison, Kat Hunter & Susie Bishop on violins & Tangents/ FourPlay member Peter Hollo on cellos.

For the release of “FourSeims have partnered with Australian labels Art As Catharsis and Bird’s Robe Records once again, as well as European vinyl label Dunk Records for the first time.

Simeon says: “I’ve always loved writing concept albums and after exploring the colour spectrum and its contributions and interactions with itself, it made me think about a similar idea in the verbal medium. Four was initially inspired by the Myer Briggs indicator of personalities. I always found it fascinating how words on paper can change inference, intent, or perspective purely by someone’s speaking tone and demeanour, and also how it can be received or perceived based on your personality, context, and cognisance. This album is all about unintentionally misconstrued conversations – multiple voices / themes saying one thing, and being received or misinterpreted a very different way, for better or worse.

Initially conceived as a one-man studio project in 2012, the band has expanded into a ferocious live act with some of Sydney’s most talented musicians. Seims has shared stages with a diverse array of acts including Tortoise, Regurgitator, We Lost The Sea & Jean Jean. They performed at back to back Progfest events in 2018 & 2019 and have toured Japan twice, featuring at Tokyo’s iconic Math-rock festival Bahamasfest.

Director of Bird’s Robe Records Mike Solo says: “Love Sim, love SEIMS and love being able to share this awesome record with people. This is my absolute favourite SEIMS album to date, it’s got everything you know and love about the band with plenty more innovation and craftsmanship on top. There’s such a good vibe on this record from start to finish and if you like any of the experimental Math-rock, post-rock influences they’ve showcases in the past, you will love this. Check it out.”

In 2020 they were due to play the main stage at UK festival ArcTanGent, alongside Opeth, This Will Destroy You and Swans, when the pandemic forced the postponement of the event. They are now due for their maiden UK/EU tour in 2022, again featuring a performance at ArcTanGent.

You can pre-order the new album right here: https://store.seims.net/track/elegance-over-confidence


  1. The Mountain’s Lullaby
  2. The Pursuit Of Intermediate Happiness
  3. Showdown Without A Victim
  4. Shout At A Brick Wall
  5. Stranded. Isolated.
  6. Elegance Over Confidence
  7. Biting Tongues
  8. Nuance Lost In Translation
  9. Understatement
  10. The Mountain’s Scream

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