[News] Bear Stone Festival add new bands to the 2023 edition lineup

Bear Stone Festival have announced new batch of bands for the upcoming edition, which will take place on July 7 & 8, 2023 in Donje Primišlje (Slunj), Croatia.

Bear Stone crew states: “For all Spacelords and Superjudges! It is a great honor to announce the performance of the legendary American rock band Monster Magnet, the second headliner of this year’s festival edition. They are followed by English stoner/doom champions Conan. Favorites of the underground scene and a highly respected band who will promote their new full-length album.

We’re bringing stoner rock aces Cojones from a deep, five-year sleep. This will be their first performance after the break and their first appearance at the festival. We round off this shot of names with the psychedelic sounds of the city of Rijeka. A group with a bit of a strange name, The Freak Folk of Mangrovia.

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Under the indestructible leadership of the main mastermind, the only original member, guitarist and singer Dave Wyndorf, in almost 35 years they overcame absolutely all obstacles that a full-blooded heavy rock band can encounter in its way. Active since 1989. and known for a sound inspired in equal measure by artists such as (early) Alice Cooper, MC5, Hawkwind, The Stooges, Black Sabbath, Jack Kirby and Amon Duul II.

The band gained the most attention and fame with their album “Powertrip” and their hit single “Space Lord,” thus opening the door to a more commercial sound with a touch of Space Rock and Psychedelia. To date, they have released 10 officially released albums (in addition to other releases), played side by side with the biggest names and held solo tours all over the world. Also, they are directly responsible and credited for popularizing the stoner rock sound along with bands such as Masters Of Reality, Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Sleep.


Straight from the bleak north-west of England comes Conan! A band in which three men carry the burden of an abysmal, humming, pounding weight. Through gaping chasms and bleak desolated battlefields they deliver tone and riffs so dark and thick that all the gods turn the other way to avoid suffocation under the unearthly (sonic) pressure of this trio.

Since 2007., they have slowly but surely taken their deserved place at the forefront of heavy music in Great Britain and the world. They are regularly listed high in the album lists of relevant media (Pitchfork, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, The Obelisk, Decibel Magazine, etc.). On the wings of their last year’s great album Evidence of Immortality, they come to deliver an unusual dose of wild, galloping and relentless Fuzz! There is no escape, no rest…


Cojones are a band that firmly stands behind its name. A quartet woven in massive energy, low tunings, high volume and guitar explosions. They were formed in 2006 and they have been bravely walking the regional and European Rock’n’Roll roads ever since. With various influences in (sub)genres that draw from colorful sources they are decorated with an excellent rhythm section, two guitars in cohesion, impressive vocal parts and infectious songs.

If you love the attitude of Monster Magnet, melody-infested choruses reminiscent of Soundgarden, including contemporaries like Witchcraft, the Psych-Prog aesthetics of Motorpsycho, Colour Haze and Hypnos 69, combined with a Heavy dose of The Melvins and thundering low-end of Kyuss, then Cojones are all you’ll ever need. With several releases including their last long-playing effort “Resonate” (2016), Cojones are coming out of a five-year hibernation for their premiere performance at the Bear Stone Festival!


Along with their name comes the philosophy which reads: “Cosmic druids exploring the edges of space and time.” In short, this is how you could describe the musical expression of these virtuoso poets. A quartet that feels most comfortable playing on the edge of consciousness where space rock, jam aesthetics, psychedelia and stoner rock meet. The Freak Folk of Mangrovia are a collective of musicians who have been collaborating in various bands for many years.

They approach music as a game, experimenting with sound and various rhythmic themes. They do not create songs in the classical sense, but develop ideas that range from light, relaxed, atmospheric parts to fierce, chaotic, sonic explosions. With their new album in the works and armed with a musical arsenal, they will assault your sensory senses and take you on a journey to (un)conscious levels you never knew existed.

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Don’t forget about the Bear Stone Festival Warm-Up Party with Colour Haze and Bosco Sacro performing at the legendary Klub Močvara on April 14th, 2023.

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