[News] Burque Rock City announces the full lineup for the 2023 edition

Burque Rock City is happy to announce the full lineup of bands For August 4th & 5th Downtown ABQ at The Historic El Rey Theater & Insideout Bar.

Burque Rock City Would Love to Welcome:

Dead Meadow * Greenbeard * Abrams * Supergiant * Violet Rising * THC Worm

Completing the Amazing Lineup with Previously Announced Bands:

Weedeater * Pike Vs The Automaton * Belzebong * Early Moods * High Desert Queen * Thunder Horse * Sorcia * Prism Bitch * Coma Revovery * Brant Bjork * Yawning Balch * Year of the Cobra * Fatso Jetson * Electric Citizen * Tenderizor * Street Tombs * Red Mesa * Ojo Malo * Nomestomper

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Early Bird 2 Days pass: https://holdmyticket.com/event/412537

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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