[News] Chaosbay published the performance of “Y” recorded live in Berlin taken from “Boxes” EP

Progressive Metal/Djent band Chaosbay published the performance of “Y” recorded live in Berlin taken from “Boxes” LP out early 2022. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The “Boxes” EP pulls us into an alienated, dystopian world. In a stunning symbiosis of catchiness, virtuosity and brutality, Chaosbay orchestrate their overarching topic for this release: the darker side of life in digital space, where you can get lost to both the real world and yourself. In addition to the 5 new studio recordings the Vinyl comes with two bonus tracks, “Amen” and “Limbus Inn” as previously unreleased live versions.

Chaosbay are not allowing themselves a hammock at the beginning of the new year and kickstart 2022 with their new 5-song EP “Boxes,” which already attracted increased attention in advance with the successful singles “Lonely People” and “Y.” Both songs rose so quickly in the favour of the growing fan community that they are already, just a few weeks after release, the most streamed singles in the band’s history. “Y” even set completely new standards: it is the first track by the band to reach clear six-figure views on Spotify.

The band about the new EP:
It was unbelievable fun to put the energy that you normally have to spend on a complex concept album into 5 songs in a concentrated way and give them all that power. We think you can hear that in the songs. In addition, we have never looked forward to playing the new tracks live as much as we do now.
Besides, with every new song we feel more what Chaosbay is all about and what our very own sound is. Especially in the early days, you often emulate the sound ideals of your idols. When you reach the point where your own sound has become an unmistakable brand, it’s a great feeling. Then you are completely with yourself and have somehow ‘arrived’.

Chaosbay have increasingly developed in the direction of Progressive Metalcore with a lot of melody in recent years. For now, it remains their secret how to celebrate complex songs with such playful ease, combining uncompromising heaviness with compelling hooklines in such a way that each song simultaneously takes you by the hand and throws you to the mat. If they release just a fraction of the energy that went into the studio recordings for “Boxes,” you have to worry about the static of the venues at any upcoming live shows. 

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp: https://chaosbay.bandcamp.com/album/boxes-ep


1. The Prophet 04:16
2. Y [Extended Version] 04:58
3. Lonely People [Extended Version] 04:47
4. Ivory Tower 04:07
5. Willows by the Lake 04:09

Chaosbay Live:
16.02.23 Osnabrück
17.02.23 Hannover
18.02.23 Köln
23.02.23 Jena
24.02.23 Schweinfurt
25.02.23 München
03.03.23 Dresden
04.03.23 Magdeburg
10.03.23 Leipzig
11.03.23 Bochum

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