[News] CNJR shares new track and video “Drunk On The Venom”

Drunk On The Venom by CNJR is an unreleased track from the upcoming album I Can See the Church Burning Through the Binoculars, which releases this friday, October 9th via Future Archive Recordings.

The new album sees CNJR depart from a deeper synth-driven electronic feel to embrace an indie aesthetic throughout the album. A stronger presence of guitars, acoustic drums, and vocals can be heard interwoven with retro synthesizers and electronic elements recognized from prior releases. A starkly dark album “I Can See The Church Burning Through The Binoculars” explores themes of repression, emotional turmoil, and identity. Watch the video below:

CNJR is a nomadic project fusing retro synthesizers, dark cinematic science fiction themes, Post-Rock, Electronic Music, IDM, Synthwave, Darkwave, Downtempo, Instrumental, Indie Electronic, witch House, and various other influences. CNJR covers a vast emotional spectrum with music that is meant to inspire a journey.

On the new album CNJR notes: “This album came together during a time in my life when I was processing internally about my childhood, the relationships in my life, my experience as a queer person, gender fluid person, and really being honest about the dynamics present around me. A lot of fear, pain, repression, alienation, and self-censoring came up for me, and you can hear it in the music. The result is a pretty dark exploration, I hope it can feel cathartic for listeners in a similar way it was for me to work on the compositions.

The latest single “The Destroyers” was recently released with an accompanying in-studio video, watch the video below:

The Destroyers is a cinematic, intense, moody, and capturing a pressurized feeling of hopelessness. Weaving heavy guitars with strings, the song is able to hold a tension throughout it that is introspective and contemplative. The title hints at a timely exploration of a largely invisible and all-encompassing enemy, plaguing the world around us.

I Can See The Church Burning Through The Binoculars can be pre-ordered here and will be out in October on Future Archive Recordings, an artist-run label founded by CNJRSun GlittersArms and Sleepers, and Little People.

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