[News] Colouratura published the official video for “Heavenly Dancer” from new album

American Progressive Rock band Colouratura published the official video for the track “Heavenly Dancer” taken from their new album “Black Steeple Church” out on December 3, 2021. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Official Press Release:

What would a new Colouratura album in 2021 sound like?

This is the question we faced when we decided to complete the songs recorded shortly before our hiatus in 2018, and return to the concepts and see them to fruition.

Colouratura needed a roots album. For most, this is their debut, but for us – we weren’t so sure. So in order to reach the purest vision possible, to find our roots, we decided to approach this new work by challenging ourselves with new techniques and compositional strategies.

When we began work in late 2020, we had about 3 songs. The title track was a holdover from our second record, ‘Unfamiliar Skies,’ recorded during the sessions that produced “Keruoac.” There was also a demo jam recorded Spring of 2018 entitled “There’s Something in my Basement,” which I decided to reedit and recontextualized into a new song. This was the beginning of a long process into discovering our ‘roots.’

“CrashDirt Bone Dust” appeared in late 20, edited from a guitar improvisation and later significantly overdubbed and overhauled with lyrics and other eyebrows. This seemed to be the way to proceed. By finding what we were capable of in unusual circumstances, when we were faced with composing on the spot and with little forethought. This was the path to finding out who we really are.

A few songs were indeed written in the conventional sense. “Blackheart” and “Heavenly Dancer” most notably. Others were drawn from themes that were brought to the studio in an improvisational sense and worked out. These include “Shepherd’s Throne,” a song which started out as three chords in a different key with a different set of words, that was completely transformed via solo acoustic guitar improvisation into a prog rock epic. Also “Headsplitter” and “Icarus,” two songs that emerged from a group improvisation exercise involving our friend Dave Trik of Brimstone Coven and Gossamer.

With the third Colouratura, you have a transformation, a rebirth and a true roots album.

Ian Beabout

Purchase the album on bandcamp: https://colouratura.bandcamp.com/album/black-steeple-church


  1. Black Steeple Church
  2. Blackheart
  3. Crash Dirt, Bone Dust
  4. Shepherd’s Throne
  5. Headsplitter
  6. Heavenly Dancer
  7. Icarus
  8. There’s Something in my Basement
  9. Vesuvian Tidepools 2020 (bonus track)


Nathan James: bass, vocals, drum programming (6), synths (6), arrangements
Ian Beabout: arrangements, flute (4), drum programming (8)
Derek Pavlic: guitars, arrangements, viola (2,4), keyboard (3), microKorg vocoder (7), drum programming (8)

Brandon Collins: drums (1)
Derek Ferguson: electronic drums (2,4)
Dave Trik: drums (5,7)
Paul Sears: drums (8)
Chris Boros: mellotron (4)
Jacopo Muneratti: narration (2)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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