[News] Darkness Is My Canvas published the official full stream for thgeir new EP “White Noise”

Finnish Darkness Is My Canvas released a new EP “White Noise” via Inverse Records. The three singles which were released from the EP have already gathered a massive stream amount of 210k.  

Stream “White Noise” EP on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/dimc-white-noise 

The band comments EP and tracks:
“In general, the EP we’ve released feels more like those classic vinyl albums from the past. Within the band, we feel like it’s more of a vinyl LP format than an actual EP. We put considerable thought into the song order to make sure “White Noise” tells a story. Listeners might wonder if the stories’ narrator is the same person or more of a collage of different events, somewhat like Black Mirror. 

The themes of the songs are quite similar; we’re sharing stories about real people and real-life issues, reflecting our concerns about people’s well-being, similar to our previous EP. Musically, the songs capture our style well. We give the instruments room to breathe and don’t shy away from adding catchy melodies. Each song also includes nods to our musical influences, and maybe one day, we’ll hide some “Easter Egg” discoveries for our listeners. In our view, “White Noise” is a stylish reflection of who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and wouldn’t change a thing.”

1. Fade into the White Noise

Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Panu Pentikäinen & Petteri Erkintalo

“Fading into the White Noise” is the single we’ve put the most effort into regarding arrangement. We’ve played it in various versions at gigs since the summer of 2022, observing how the audience reacts to different renditions. While the chorus has stayed consistent, we’ve worked extensively on the lyrics, vocal melodies, and instrumentation for other parts. The song follows our typical storytelling style, where the narrator expresses their feelings about things open to interpretation. The lyrics are essentially straightforward but still touch on mental health issues, as many of our songs do. The song receives a great response at every gig, which is why we chose it as the opening single and the EP’s opening track. Our approach to songwriting aims to connect with the listener, both in terms of lyrics and melodies – you could call it relatability. We believe the song is vocally and musically strong, with a timeless quality that can withstand repeated listening.

2. Drown 

Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Oliver Sykes, Jordan Fish, Lee Malia, Matt Kean, Matt Nicholls

“Drown” is a song released by Bring Me The Horizon in 2014, which, according to one interpretation, deals with severe depression. Our singer, Pete, struggled with depression during his teenage years, and he believes the song reflects the depths one can sink into without trustworthy people around. “Drown” has been an empowering song for us in recent years, and we wanted to create our own interpretation of it.

In our music, like Bring Me The Horizon, we tackle themes related to mental health and aim to make our lyrics universal and relatable from our own perspective. We’ve been listening to “Drown” since its 2014 release, and it eventually became part of our live setlist. In the final version, the song unquestionably earned its place on both Inverse Records’ and our EP. “Drown” might be so meaningful to someone that a drastic change in its mood could lead to alienation. We listened to various arrangements of “Drown” played by BMTH and picked the elements that suited our instruments best. Panu wanted to infuse a touch of 90s grunge into the song. Pete’s vocals range from soft baritone to shouting. We’re genuinely pleased with the result – we captured a strong interpretation from Pete. Mikko Kaakkuriniemi did excellent work on the drums (which wasn’t surprising), and for Panu, it was ultimately easy to play and sing the bass, guitar, and background parts.

3. Tilted Vision

Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Panu Pentikäinen, Petteri Erkintalo

“Tilted Vision” came together late before the EP’s release. Originally, another song was planned, but we weren’t satisfied with it. During a jam session, we decided to take a different approach. Panu had a guitar riff in mind to kickstart the song, and we crafted a substantial chorus in our usual fashion. The lyrics draw inspiration from the rising cycle of violence among young adults, exploring what drives someone to harm another based on our own experiences and real events. The song is undoubtedly one of our catchiest, resonating with the audience based on their reactions at pre-release shows.

4. Inverted

Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Panu Pentikäinen, Petteri Erkintalo

Musically, “Inverted” pays homage to 1970s prog while drawing inspiration from 2010s EMO bands. It’s one of our most diverse tracks, connecting exceptionally well with the audience when performed live. The lyrics explore insomnia and its impact on a person’s life. We’ve always been curious about different songwriting methods and experimentation, leading us to a Jethro Tull meets My Chemical Romance approach in this case. The guitar solo is epic, even flirting with fusion jazz in the background. Our creativity knows no bounds, and we approach music with deep respect for its essence, creating it for ourselves.

5. The Game

Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Panu Pentikäinen, Petteri Erkintalo

“The Game” was our last independent release, originally intended for another EP. After signing with Inverse Records for its release, we decided to stick to our original plan and include it on this EP. The song is a catchy prog-metal track with references to the cult TV series “Knight Rider.” Thematically, the lyrics address narcissists and how they can ruin even the strongest friendships or relationships. Musically, the song unifies the audience, especially during live performances. A fun fact for musicians: the song may seem filled with various time signatures, but it’s more about playing with a regular time signature, blurring the lines of where the downbeat falls.

6. Salvation (Slava Ukraini!)

Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Panu Pentikäinen, Petteri Erkintalo

The “pandemic” version of “Salvation” was featured on our first EP, “Monsters.” However, we decided to remake the song to address current challenges. Just as Europe was recovering from the pandemic, a cowardly attack took place in Europe against Ukraine by Russia. We updated the song for our live performances as an anti-war version, which resonated well with our audiences. The song incorporates a speech by the President of Ukraine, appealing for unity against war and for freedom. Musically, it blends elements of electro and classical prog, featuring our signature massive chorus and a fusion of Elton John and Queen in the outro.

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp: https://darknessismycanvas.bandcamp.com/album/white-noise


01. Fade Into The White Noise 04:01
02. Drown 03:34
03. Tilted Vision 04:23
04. Inverted 09:00
05. The Game 06:21
06. Salvation (Slava Ukraini) 06:54


Panu Pentikäinen / Guitar, Vocals
Pete Erkintalo / Vocals, Guitar
Joonas Fellman / Bass, Vocals
Juuso Grönmark / Drums

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