[News] Dead Gallery published theofficial album stream for their new release “Dead Man’s Theme”

Tyrol, Austria based Psychedelic Stoner Rock trio Dead Gallery presents their debut album, “Dead Man’s Theme” in full on their official YouTube channel released on June 01, 2023. Stream the whole album through the youTube player below:

Dead Gallery has been founded as a powertrio in Tyrol, Austria.

Combining Heavy Blues riffs with Psychedelic Jams, the sound reminds of moaning amps first heard in the late sixties.

Dead Man’s Theme” is Dead Gallery’s debut album including 11 heavy, bluesy and gloomy tracks to space out and Rock to!

Mixture of Psychedelic Stoner Rock and Bluesy jams first heard in the late 60’s. Physical copy is also available including black CD pressing, booklet and hardcover.

Purchase “Dead Man’s Theme” on Bandcamp: deadgallery.bandcamp.com/album/dead-mans-theme-full-album


  1. Hide In My Shadows
  2. Dead Man’s Theme
  3. Tearin’ Myself Apart
  4. Everything You Do
  5. Always On The Run
  6. Get Me Down
  7. Bottom Of My Soul
  8. Still I’m Here With The Blues
  9. Can’t Get Away
  10. Evil Woman
  11. Gotta Roll On

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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