[News] Deception Store published the live performance video for “Lifetime” from new album

Italian Neo Prog band Deception Store publiahed the live performance video for the track “Lifetime” taken from new album “Pindaric Flights” recoded at the concert at Teatro Puccini, Merano on January 6, 2022. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The Deception Store project was born from the creative drive of Marco Pantozzi with the aim of creating “old style” Psychedelic-inspired Soft Rock music, drawing inspiration above all from the Floydian school. Melodies that accompany the sung in English by Marco Pantozzi, also the author of the music and lyrics. The first album “Pindaric Flights” by Deception Store is an album that surrounds itself with refined atmospheres and dreamlike intentions that point straight to emotions, while remaining constantly on the level of intuitive listening. Joe Chiericati on piano and keyboards worked on the record, also as producers and arrangers, and Stefano Nicli on acoustic and electric guitars. Featuring Thomas Ebner on drums and Teo Ederle on bass. In tracks 2 and 12 (with strong radio potential) the female voice is by Roberta Staccuneddu. The cover and the graphics of the internal booklet are the work of Gigi Cavalli Cocchi, an internationally recognized artist and musician. Deception Store, literally “the Emporium of Deception,” represents every place or situation in life where we are ambiguously offered only illusions, artfully disguised as opportunities. “Pindaric Flights” also tells us about flights that arise from our minds, imaginary journeys that elevate us above everyday life and fantasies and chases towards our most forbidden dreams, to allow us to explore new horizons, leaving us behind, at least for a moment, problems and ugliness that surround us. “Close your eyes and imagine if …” Noteworthy is the track “One more time“: the insidious and illusory dream of an easy and sudden wealth to chase with gambling is told through the first and official video shot by Roberto Condotta with the assistance of Nicola Morandini. The voice of the off-screen “machine” was kindly provided by the actress Daniela Scarlatti. The work, due to its social and artistic value, avails itself of the patronage of the Municipality of Merano (BZ ).

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01. Lifetime 03:08
02. I Do It My Way 04:10
03. One More Time 03:42
04. Rock-Star (Meteorite) 03:09
05. New Bad Day 03:21
06. Pindaric Flight 07:36
07. A New World 03:45
08. Timeline 03:18
09. Distant Lover 02:12
10. Close Your Eyes 04:20
11. Free 01:15
12. E Immagino Se 04:10

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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