[News] Dirty Sound Magnet publish the live video for the Pink Floyd’s cover “Have A Cigar” from “Live Alert” album

Dirty Sound Magnet publish the live video for the Pink Floyd‘s cover “Have A Cigar” bonus track extracted from the “Live Alert” recordings released November 6, 2020 via Hummus Records, watch the video below:

Here are a few words from Stavros about this cover: “This is one of those songs that have inspired us when we grew up. I was 15 when I heard Have a Cigar. I picked up a guitar and decided that this is what I want to do with my life… 
We tried to make it our own because trying to emulate the original makes no sense. It’s perfect as it is on the record!

We wish you all happy holidays. 
See you in 2021!

Official Press Release of the album:

The Context – Before Covid-19 kicked in, Dirty Sound Magnet had already made all necessary arrangements to record the live shows of their April UK tour 2020. They felt that after having spent so much time on the road playing their albums “Transgenic” (2019) and “Western Lies” (2017), the songs had evolved beyond the album versions.

It’s in the nature of the band to improvise on stage and to change song structures as they see fit. The trio considers a song alive as long as it evolves on stage. That is how new parts emerge and how the band ends up having various live arrangements for their songs.

Many fans have expressed the desire to be able to enjoy these live versions at home. The band was ready and eager to produce this record. Sadly, the European spring shows got canceled abruptly.

The AlarmStavros (Guitar, lead vocals), Marco (bass, backing vocals) and Maxime (drums, backing vocals) decided to record a live album anyway because they knew that these live versions would present the band in its truest and most authentic form. This album had to exist.

It was clear that this live session would have a different flavour without an audience and therefore they’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to compensate was by recording amazing versions of the selected songs. The location of this live session was also a very important parameter and the band chose the place where all the magic happens, the laboratory where their sound and songs are created: their own studio in Fribourg, Switzerland.
The band took a few weeks to rehearse the songs intensively. Once they felt in top form and ready to record and shoot, they called their film-maker friend Michael Maillard who filmed the entire session with his assistant Xavier Schaller

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