[News] Distric 97 release the single “Stay for the Ending” taken from exclusive release “Many New Things”

From the brand new Inside the Vault Club exclusive release “Many New Things.” Limited to 300 copies, fewer than 75 remain! Get your CD/hi-res download by becoming a Keyholder (premium member) here: district97.net/insidethevaultclub

While supplies last, new Keyholder (annual plan) signups also get the previous iVC release, “Two of a Kind: A Tribute to Bill Bruford & Allan Holdsworth” (less than 15 copies remain, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r_aC0E–JA).

Many New Things Tracklisting:
ISOLATION (Remotely Recorded Studio Demos)

  1. Stay for the Ending (4:35)
  2. Deck is Stacked (6:22)
  3. Divided We Fall (New Drums Mix) (4:33)
  4. Mirror (instrumental version) (7:23)
  5. Possession (5:30)

COMMUNION (Live in Chicago 11-19-2021)

  1. Many New Things (5:51)
  2. Matte Kudasai (4:44)
  3. Ghost Girl (11:16)
  4. Bread &… more

Leslie: “When I heard the demo of Andrew’s new song, I could not wait to sing that chorus melody and perform it with the band. It’s so powerful and catchy and I knew it would be insanely fun to wail on, provided I could come up with words / vowels that would make those notes singable for me. The version that we recorded is the exact melody that Andrew wrote and it was admittedly extremely difficult to sing in the studio…. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to sing in my life.

Subject matter-wise, I combined two themes with one metaphor: the ever-shifting, omnipresent threat of COVID in its many forms, and also a person who you grew to trust only to find out that they were mutating to fit the mold of what they thought you wanted. As you discover lie after lie and countless sob stories told by the ones who came before, you realize that there are many different types of viruses and to always have a mask handy, both for your face and for your heart.

Andrew: “In writing this song, I tried to fit within the existing D97 canon, while also adding my own twist. The use of a major 7th riff is something I noticed in other D97 songs, such as Death By 1000 Cuts, and I adapted that idea for my verse riff. The unison riff bridge was inspired by a similar section in On Paper, as well as the music of Chon and Animals as Leaders.

My previous entry in the band, “Blueprint,” was an exercise in shifting polyrhythms and dense harmonic moods. For “Stay For The Ending,” I kept the form of the song pretty simple, so that we could focus more of our energy on getting these very difficult unison lines as tight as possible. It’s been a thrill hearing morph from a pandemic-era quarantine demo into a live rocking number. I’ve loved the personality that all of the other band members have added to it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to evolve in further live performances.


Leslie Hunt / Vocals
Andrew Lawrence / Keyboards
Jim Tashjian / Guitars, Vocals
Tim Seisser / Bass Guitar
Jonathan Schang / Drums

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