[News] Dymna Lotva unveil the official music video for “Смерць Цалуе Ў Вочы” from upcoming album

Dymna Lotva unveil the highly symbolic video “Смерць Цалуе Ў Вочы (Death Kisses Your Eyes)” as the second single taken from the Belarus duo‘s forthcoming new album “Зямля Пад Чорнымі Крыламі: Кроў (The Land under the Black Wings: Blood)“, which is slated for release on August 4, 2023. Watch the official music video through the YouTube player below:

Dymna Lotva comment on “Смерць Цалуе Ў Вочы (Death Kisses Your Eyes)“: “This song is dedicated to the memory of the Belarusian protest activist Roman Bondarenko, who was killed by the Lukashenka regime,” vocalist Katsiaryna “Nokt Aeon” Mankevich states. “Roman’s last words were a message in the neighbours’ chat, ‘I’m going out’. When unknown people arrived in his yard and began to destroy protest art and national symbols which were jointly created by the residents of nearby houses, he could not stand aside. When Roman Bondarenko left the house, he was brutally beaten and abducted by unidentified men wearing black clothes and masks. Roman died from his injuries the next day, on November 12, 2020. On the same day, the first demo of this song was mixed. The song’s lyrics which are carrying the words ‘those who wear midnight will take you away’ and ‘let’s go’ were too reminiscent of his story. The video clip was created by the photo artist Jay Flokker. It was not originally conceived to be shown alongside this song, but we felt it to be very appropriate as it is a strong reminder of the struggle of the  people of Belarus and their national symbol, our flag with its white, red, and white stripes.

Pre-Order the album here: http://lnk.spkr.media/dymna-lotva-blood

01. Come and See (Ідзі І Глядзі)
02. Buried Alive (Пахаваны Жыўцом)
03. Death Kisses Your Eyes (Смерць Цалуе Ў Вочы)
04. Hell (Пекла)
05. Ashes (Папялішча)
06. The Pit (Яма)
07. Cruelty (Лютасць)
08. Night Witches (Nachthexen)
09. Till The End (Да Скону)
10. Dead Don’t Hurt (Мёртвым Не Баліць)
11. Unquenchable (Нязгаснае)
12. To Freedom (Да Волі)
13. Blood (Кроў)


Katsiaryna “Nokt Aeon” Mankevich / Vocals, Traditional Flutes, Lyrics
Jauhien Charkasau / Guitars, Bass, All Music

Guest Musicians:
Déhà (Wolvennest, Silver Knife, Slow) / Drums 
Lesley Knife (Gods Tower) / Guest Vocals on “Да Волі (To Freedom)
Artur Matveenko (Dzivia) / Saxophone on “Да Волі (To Freedom)
Fiodor Malikin / Saxophone on “Пекла (Hell)
Ivan Kuznetsov / Piano
Nat Nazgul / Accordion
Yegor Baranov (Elysium, Cosmocats) / Cello
Ulyana Sborshchikova / Child Clean Vocals on “Пекла (Hell)
Demyan Sborshchikov / Child Extreme Vocals on “Пекла (Hell)
Anonymous Belarusian / Teenage Girls Choir on “Папялішча (Ashes)

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