[News] Earthside publish the drum playthrough for the track “All We Knew And Ever Loved”

From the official Earthside Newsletter:

Dear Earthlings,
Happy National Drumming Day!
To celebrate such an auspicious occasion, we’ve now released the drum centric version of “All We Knew And Ever Loved” featuring Baard Kolstad on all platforms, including a video highlighting the drum duel between Ben and Baard to show how their playing intertwines on the track.

Watch the drum playthrough on the YouTube player below:

Frank says “When I composed this piece I wanted to write the two drums to seamlessly flow between each other. If you listen carefully some of the drum fills are carried over to the other drummer when one of them finishes. This isn’t a “drum battle”, it’s a piece carefully composed, with each fill having intention for each drummer, and to tell a story.”

We’re also incredibly excited to announce that Ben is now also an official Sabian and Ludwig Drums artist and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Ben says: “The dual drummer concept of All We Knew no doubt makes for some very cool ear candy and unique composite fills and beats across the composition, but without the visual aid of actually seeing us do what we respectively do in the song, a major part of what makes it special doesn’t come through clearly. We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase that side of the composition, while also being able to throw a little more of our individual flair into the parts. We hope you enjoy it!”

We’re working tirelessly to finish our second album and will provide you with more updates as soon as we can.
Thank you,
Jamie, Frank, Ben and Ryan.

All We Knew and Ever Loved” is out now via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group and can be streamed and purchased here: https://smarturl.it/Earthside

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