[News] Electro-Prog quartet TAUK announce new album “Chaos Companion” and publish the official video for “The Let Out”

Electro-Prog four-piece TAUK announce a full-length instrumental LP “Chaos Companion” due out September 24, 2021. The group have also released a new video from the album titled “The Let Out.” You can watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Over nine tracks “Chaos Companion” is a cinematic collection that hints at everything from 70’s film scores and 80’s video games to 90’s R&B and modern dance music. The immersive record blurs the lines between analog and electronic as it balances old school grit and futuristic sheen in equal measure.

Pre-orders for the album and brand new merchandise are available now via hellomerch.com/collections/tauk.

Speaking about the album title, bassist Charlie Dolan reflects: “Everyone’s got a chaos companion, something that keeps you grounded in the midst of all the madness. Maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s your kids, maybe it’s your dog. For us, it was the music.”

Recorded at the band’s newly completed studio on their native Long Island, Chaos Companion is a work of profound comfort and catharsis, but also a testament to the kind of growth and evolution that can emerge in the face of struggle and uncertainty.

This past year presented us with more time to be creative and delve into our artistic expression,” shares keyboardist Alric Carter. “Recording Chaos Companion opened up new avenues for us to explore and stands as a story of our time spent together. It has been super exciting to collaborate and pick from a wide variety of new songs to make this album.” On the expressive video releases accompanying the singles from Chaos Companion, Carter elaborates, “We’ve been able to share that story visually too with the music videos we’re rolling out. Music tells a story. Its makes us laugh, smile, feel and we’ve been having a blast showing that side of us.

Recording Chaos Companion opened up new avenues for us to explore and stands as a story of our time spent together,Carter shares. “It has been super exciting to collaborate and pick from a wide variety of new songs and concepts to make this album. With ‘The Let Out,’ the song came first and the video concept followed. We wanted to mix the sexy swag of 90s RnB and mash it with the raw energy of Rage Against the Machine and see what happened.” Commenting on the video, he adds: “Imagine the perfect post-pandemic date or pick-up: it’s been hard enough going eighteen months with such limited human connection, but you’ve managed to make all the right moves. Everything is going right except sometimes your head is just too big for your own good.

In support of “Chaos CompanionTAUK is hitting the road this fall and has announced support for many of their upcoming October 2021 tour dates. The tour welcomes support from bands like Eggy, paris_monster, Subcontra, Captain Midnight, Waker, The Orange Constant, Cycles, and LITZ. Additionally, TAUK has added a play at Ardmore Music Hall on August 21st and a club date during the second week of Jazz Fest on October 14th, which is slated to be a Parliament Funkadelic vs. Sly & the Family Stone set. A full list of dates and corresponding support can be found on the band’s website and below.

Keep an eye out for more from “Chaos Companion” out September 24, 2021 and keep up with all things TAUK via the band’s Facebook & Instagram. Pre-order the album and shop new merch now at hellomerch.com/collections/tauk

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