[News] Epic Down published the official teaser for their debut album “Equinox Pt.1”

Leipzig, Germany based Doom Metal duo Epic Down stream their debut EP “Equinox Pt.1” ahead of its release April 7, 2023. Stream the teaser through the YouTube player below:

Epic Down is a 2-piece project from Leipzig, Germany, dedicated to the sluggish grooves and ponderous riffs of doom. Founded in the pandemic spring of 2021, by Mitzschi (guitars/bass) and Fabian (drums/vocals). Influenced by veterans of Doom, Drone and Stoner, the sound of Epic Down is mainly characterized by solid downtempo grooves and rolling guitar walls, complemented by storytelling vocals with epic elements.

Equinox Pt.1” is the first 3 song release from the doom band Epic Down. The EP contains works from the band’s early creative phase from 2021/22 and depicts the mood of a shattered society shaped by pandemics and crises.

All music pieces were created naturally with acoustic instruments and were recorded classically. They do not use pitch correction and similar techniques and stand by the authentic, unpolished sound they represent.


  1. Intro
  2. The Last Dawn
  3. Dethronement Ode

/ Guitars, Bass
Fabian / Drums, Vocals

Epic Down |Bandcamp|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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