[News] Feast your ears and eyes in uncomfortable depravity with Escapement’s video for debut single “Feed”

Escapement is the result of vocalist Johnny Ray (3 Headed Snake) and keyboardist Alex Nasla (Witherfall, Helion Prime) meeting on the famous 70k Metal Cruise and throwing musical ideas off of each other during pandemic boredom. 

After a few months of reworking the songs and adding creative touches, they are ready to show off their debut single “Feed” and the music video for it. For the production of the video, Nasla flew to Florida and they shot alongside Loren Whitaker (drums), Chris Massie (guitars), and Brandon Delpino (bass), it was directed by Thomas Crane of Kill Devil Films. It is a slow driving heavy sludgy ballad with haunting vocal melodies, atmospheric keys, technical solos, and huge choruses. Escapement share some details on the conception of the single:

“It was the first song that Nasla and Ray worked on together. It started out small and took many months because of both of their busy schedules, but eventually, it grew, Ray sent the original song to Nasla who wrote keys for it. At that point, Ray had a wild idea to actually have Nasla fly to Florida, and work on a video together with Thomas Crane. It organically came together and was a great success! We believe fans will be refreshed by the heavy riffs, mixed with catchy memorable choruses and amazing solos.”

Escapement is a force of lyrical/vocal prowess, atmospheric yet technical keyboard work, dark and heavy guitars, and banging drums and 2021 will have lots to come from the act.  There are more songs in the works, including more videos and a full length down the road. Escapement says that fans can expect scores of new tunes over time.

Memorable, intricate, and anthemic, Escapement brings a new dynamic to progressive metal that is recommended for fans of Nevermore, Gojira, and Alice in Chains.

Watch the official video for “Feed” below:

“Feed” was released on March 11, 2021 and available on all digital platforms at the following links: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/escapement1/feed 

Music Video Credits:
Johnny Ray (Vocals), Alex Nasla (Keyboards), Chris Massie (Guitar), Brandon Delpino (Bass), Loren Whitaker (Drums)

Recording Band Line Up:
Johnny Ray (Vocals), Alex Nasla (Keyboards), Gabriele Costa (Bass), Francesco Pinter (Guitar), David Velez (Drums)

Live Band Line Up:
Johnny Ray (Vocals), Alex Nasla (Keyboards), Brandon Delpino (Bass), Loren Whitaker (Drums), Francesco Pinter (Guitar)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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