[News] Firpo Chompeavy unveil the official lyric video for “Titans Cry for a Mechanical Black”

Titans Cry for a Mechanical Black” is a track taken from Firpo Chompeavy‘s album “Smoking 45“, out via Wormholedeath worldwide. Watch the official lyric video through the YouTube player below:

A nonsense song is a type of song written mainly for the purpose of entertainment using nonsense syllables at least in the chorus. Such a song generally has a simple melody and a quick (or fairly quick) tempo.

Stream/Download “Smoking 45” here: https://orcd.co/smoking45

Firpo Chompeavy is an Experimental Metal/Stoner band from Italy. “Smoking 45” is the band’s debut album and contains 11 tracks. To blend the different musical influences of the band the songs are a mix of Stoner, Psychedelic, Hardcore and Metal. With a powerful sound and technical riffs the band has found its own style.


01 -Innocent Novels Told by Racoons and Opossum
02 – Cyrus and the Pink Ranger
03 – Curtain Maggot Gap
04 – Fighting with a Stool
05 – They Are All Out to Get Me, Except You (You’re Just a Fanny)
06 – Humanimal
07 – I Don’t Eat Soaring Disks
08 – Devour You Like a Krokodil
09 – Titans Cry for a Mechanical Black
10 – Silver Star Cigarettes
11 – Tokyo Soda Overdrive
12 – House of Skylarks


Elia Borelli / Vocals
Cristian Assirati / Bass
Giorgio Cimoli / Guitar
Moreno Sessa / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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