[News] Framauro published the single “Records From My Shelf” from upcoming new album

Polish Progger Framauro published the single “Records From My Shelf” taken from upcoming new album “My World Is Ending” due out on January 03, 2022 via Lynx Music. Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

It was almost 24 years ago, when Framauro had its debut album “Etermedia” released on Lynx Music. That amateur LP was recorded just for fun on an 8-track cassette recorder in a small living room, and it was never ever meant to be officially made public! Things turned out differently, however! Only because of that very album, the Lynx Music studio & record label came into existence! Because of that album, the two bands Millenium and tRKproject were founded! I can safely say that it was the album which totally changed and shaped my entire professional career and life. Recently, I have become aware of this undeniable fact, and that is why I have again decided to bring my first music project Framauro to life! Framauro’s latest album titled “My World Is Ending” is a very emotional and personal journey across my life, combined with some observations on the condition of the contemporary world. The aforementioned things are the reason why I have felt ready, for the first time in my life, to sing everything on this new album with my own voice, so – apart from the keyboard and guitar pieces I am playing here – you are going to hear my vocals, as well. The lyrics, based on my ideas and several initial lines, have been written by Zdzisław “The Bat” Zabierzewski, who coincidentally happened to translate into English the words of my first song called “Ecosong” in those brilliant days, 24 years ago. To these new recording sessions, I gladly invited my good old fellow musicians; therefore Grzegorz Fieber (Loonypark) has come in on drums, Krzysztof Wyrwa (Millenium) on a bass guitar, and all guitar solos have been played by Marcin Kruczek (tRKproject). The front and back cover painting has been designed and created especially for this album by Marek Szczęsny. Mix and mastering by Kamil Koniczniak ( Moonrise ) This new Framauro is a 100% studio project, and – who knows? – it could possibly be just a one-off music adventure, couldn’t it? Or, maybe, this project will come back and around regularly, do you think? As usual, time will tell. Ryszard Kramarski


1.My World is Ending
2.Records From My Shelf
3.Living In The Shadow Of The Death
4.Hey Yoy Fools !
5.When Idols Are Gone
6.I Am Only The Moment
7.CV Not For Sale
8.What’s Happened?


Grzegorz Fieber / Drums
Krzysztof Wyrwa / Bass, Fretless
Marcin Kruczek / Solo Guitars
Ryszard Kramarski / Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Rythm Guitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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