[News] Galaad to release new album “Paradis posthumes” and publish the video teaser

The Swiss Proggers Galaad to release new album “Paradis posthumes” due out on March 28, 2021 via Quadrifonic Records, watch the second video teaser below:

Watch the Teaser #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLhw3Bh6JB8

Watch the video for the single “Moments“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp4xuha4wAM


01. Terra (2’31)
02. Apocalypse (8’21)
03. Moments (4’57)
04. Le rêve d’unité (4’51)
05. Amor vinces (4’10)
06. La douleur (6’21)
07. L’instinct, l’instant (7’57)
08. Ton ennemi (6’30)
09. Paradis posthumes (4’23)
10. Jour sidéral (9’07)
11. Divine (4’30)

Pre-Order are open through the Quadrifonic Official Website: https://www.quadrifonic.com/fr/accueil/500-galaad-paradis-posthumes.html

Created in 1988 in Moutier, in the Swiss Jura, Galaad died at the beginning of 97, leaving two orphan albums, “Premier Février” in 1992 and especially “Vae Victis,” an album which, in 1995, made the group recognized by a larger group, especially for its innovative qualities in the Progressive genre. Galaad gives this style – truly popular in the 1970s – a touch of renewal. The poetic texts in French are fused with Metal and Groove, the group explores Pop Rock by giving it a unique form. In 2016, Galaad was reformed in its almost original version, with Sébastien Froidevaux on guitar, Gianni Giardiello on keyboards, Gérard Zuber on bass, Laurent Petermann on drums and Pierre-Yves Theurillat on vocals. After a few concerts, including Le Chant du Gros Festival 2017, Galaad embarked on the development of a third album, more than twenty years after “Vae Victis“, entitled “FRAT3R“.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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