[News] Glacier release first track from forthcoming studio album “Island In The Sky”

Scheduled for release later in 2021 the band’s third album “Island In The Sky” features “The Man Who Cried” which pays tribute to Joseph Merrick and was inspired by David Lynch’s touching film The Elephant Man (1980). Stream the track on the YouTube Player below:

Glacier’s John Youdale comments on the track: “Joseph Merrick (referred to as John in the film) was a hideously disfigured young man who lived in late Victorian London. Known as ‘The Elephant Man’, his fate was to be a caged sideshow amusement in London’s streets. Widely regarded as an imbecile, he was treated terribly by his ‘owners’. A doctor, Frederick Treves liberated Joseph and discovered him to be an articulate and gentle human. Merrick became the toast of London society, until his failing body, ravaged by an aggressive form of fibromatosis, eventually gave up.

Island In The Sky” will be released in late summer and available through the band’s Bandcamp site: https://glaciermusic.bandcamp.com/

Read our article about the first teaser from the upcoming album below:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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