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Born from the live music crowds of Austin, Texas, Gravitoyd started as a fierce supporter of the Heavy music scene. Gravitoyd Presents is a frontline, battle-hardened, live music booking promoter for Heavy bands from all over the world to perform in the Texas regional area. From local favorites to international touring acts, and several festivals over the past few years, Gravitoyd became known as a welcoming host for many underground bands traveling across the southern midwest.

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Now is the chosen time to continue the Gravitoyd evolution. With the year 2022, we present Gravitoyd Heavy Music, the label…

Never one to slide quietly into orbit, GHM hasn’t entered the Spring of 2022 with trepidatious steps. Instead of launching with one or two close-to-home acts to try out their new spacesuit… Gravitoyd Heavy Music is blasting with full thrusters straight into the atmosphere with a smokestack roster of up-and-coming music acts.

Focusing on releasing music in digital and CD formats, with several rereleases to start and new music releases coming over the next year, the label roster is indeed Heavy. They celebrated the label launch in late March with a live showcase including a six-band lineup of their first signings. Include Heavy Psych to Stoner Rock, throw in some Prog Rock and Heavy Metal, and you have yourselves a diversified sound that makes for one hell of a party.

Gravitoyd Heavy Music is now a family of eight, with its current bands coming from around the world, including the USA, Mexico, South America, and now Europe – with the most recent signing of Sheev from Berlin, Germany: gravitoydheavymusic.bandcamp.com

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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