[News] Hawkwind Light Orchestra to release new album in October

Hawkwind offshoot Hawkwind Light Orchestra will release a brand new album, Carnivorous through Cherry Red Records on October 16.

Recorded during lockdown, the album title is an anagram of ‘coronavirus’, Carnivorous began life as a Dave Brock solo album in the winter of 2019, before Hawkwind drummer Richard Chadwick and guitarist and keyboard player Magnus Martin added further contributions.

“Carnivorous is an album that by design had to be recorded without a full complement of Hawkwind members in their usual style,” the band state. “However, it is a testament to the contributing members’ proficiency to end up with an album that bears all the hallmarks of classic Hawkwind while recorded under such testing circumstances.

Carnivorous will be released on CD and double vinyl.

Hawkwind Light Orchestra: Carnivorous
1) Expedition to Planet X
2) Dyna-mite
3) Void of Wasteland
4) Repel Attract
5) Attraction
6) Human Behaviour (No Sex Allowed)
7) Temple of Love
8) Square Peg Into A Round Hole
9) Windy Day
10) Model Farm Blues
11) Whose Call Is It Anyway?
12) Lockdown (Keep Calm)
13) The Virus
14) Forgotten Memories
15) Higher Ground

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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