[News] Heidevolk are working on new tracks

After parting ways with Lars Nachtbraecker one month ago, Dutch Folk Metal band Heidevolk are in the search for a new vocalist. Despite this setback, the band spent the last couple of months working on new songs and plan to record new full length sometime later this year.

Heidevolk‘s massage: “Brothers and sisters, the last day of 2020. A year that started off with some nice shows, the initiation of Mat as official band member and loads of exciting stuff planned for later on…until it all came to a crashing halt in March. For Heidevolk the rest of 2020 has been a journey while standing still. Surviving the inactive COVID months while keeping a clear head and staying positive about the future. Man, did we curse 2020! Sadly our singer Lars left the band and we even had to cancel a live stream due to the strict lockdown. But we survived and we bent back, we spent the last months rehearsing and working on new songs as a team.

So now we enter 2021, recovered and ready to rock! Our quest for a singer will start shortly and the progress of the new album quickens. It is unclear when live-shows are back on the menu but we await the promises 2021 holds. We wish you all the best for 2021 and hope to see you soon!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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