[News] Híbrido published the track “Lale” taken from Spinda Records’ upcoming “Grados. Minutos. Segundos.”

Híbrido published the track “Lale” taken from Spinda Records‘ upcoming “Grados. Minutos. Segundos.” Stream the track through the YouTube player below:


Zoa / Guitars
Pot / Bass
Pow / Drums
J. Ángel / Guitars

Grados. Minutos. Segundos.” it is a sound journey through the cardinal points that connect 24 Spanish bands in full swing. From the south of the South, and from the hand of a compilation box of original and unreleased songs to date, at Spinda Records we invite you to discover the depths of the national underground.

Composed of 12 7″ vinyls shared between 2 bands each, and which will be released from June 2021 to May 2022, this compilation box set entitled “Grados. Minutos. Segundos.” It aims to be a current x-ray of the independent music scene in Spain at the beginning of the new decade of the 20s.

Under the premise of offering each band their own showcase within the project, the releases in both digital and vinyl formats will be spaced out over time and will be released in 4 batches:
May – June 2021
August – October 2021
November – December 2021
February – May 2022

As a novelty, and since the 12 vinyls have already been manufactured, from March 2022 new orders will receive the complete box, also sending the latest vinyls to previous subscribers in such a way that they complete the collection of “Grados. Minutes. Seconds.

24 bands is the same project may seem somewhat risky in these times, and it is! But at Spinda Records we have come to have fun, and these are the couples of each of the splits:

Split #1: Moura/Rosy Finch
Split #2: Adrift/Mondo Infiel
Split #3: Partícula/Medicina
Split #4: Habitar La Mar/Acid Mess
Split #5: Cró!/The Dry Mouths
Split #6: Saturna/Laverge
Split #7: Atavismo/Mía Turbia
Split #8: Santo Rostro/Cemënteri
Split #9: The Soulbreaker Company/Domo
Split #10: Battosai/Pyramidal
Split #11: Híbrido/Kabbalah
Split #12: Arenna/Here The Captain Speaking, The Captain Is Dead

The box is available in 3 editions and limited to 240 hand-numbered units:
STANDARD (box of 12 7″ vinyls + booklet + sticker + download code) = €99.00 + shipping
DELUXE (Standard Pack + t-shirt) = €113.00 + shipping
FREAK (Deluxe Pack + tote bag) = €117.00 + shipping

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