[News] Honeybadger publish the official lyric video for the track “That Feel”

Honeybadger publish the official lyric video for the track “That Feel” taken from the album “Pleasure Delayer” out on September 18, 2020 via Made of Stone Recordings. Watch the video below:

Official Press Release:

In Pleasure Delayer, Honeybadger has established a signature sound. In addition to writing really catchy hooks and riffs, the way they present these tracks are as unique as any fingerprint: Underneath every riff is a massive dose of bass—almost enough to make one note indistinguishable from the next. Saving this potential pitfall (and the bass never becomes an issue) is an equally high dose of clean guitar work that soars over the rest of the track and guides the listener through the song.

Using this clever technique of blending desperate lows with ecstatic highs, Honeybadger has written an album that captures all of Desert Rock’s best elements.


01.The Wolf 05:30
02.Through Hell03:36
03.Crazy Ride05:02
04.Good for Nothing 03:54
05.That Feel 03:32
06.Laura Palmer 04:50
07.Holler 03:51
08.Truth in the Lie 03:45

Purchase the album through Bandcamp: https://honeybadgertheband.bandcamp.com/album/pleasure-delayer

Get it on Limited Edition Pink cassettes through Made of Stone Recordings

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