[News] Il Bacio Della Medusa to release the new album “Imilla” On August 25, 2023 via AMS Records

AMS Records is pleased to present “Imilla,” the new album by Il Bacio Della Medusa, available from August 25, 2023 on CD and red vinyl. “Imilla” is the fifth studio album by the Perugian band Il Bacio Della Medusa, a record that abandons the experimentation of the previous “Seme*” (2018) to return to the visceral and multifaceted Rock that has marked the stylistic signature of much of the group’s production from its origins until today.

Imilla” is a ‘contemporary‘ concept album, inspired by the figure of Monika Ertl (who died fifty years ago at the hands of the Bolivian security militia), whose name “Imilla” was given as a combatant with the Bolivian militia in the 1960s and 1970s. Born from a predominantly acoustic version, entirely created by frontman Simone Cecchini, once proposed to the rest of the band, thanks mainly to the arrangements by Diego Petrini, “Imilla” finally took on its current Progressive and Hard Rock guise, without however completely losing its initial Folk and Latin nature. In “Imilla,” in addition to the hard core of the twenty-year-old band, made up of the percussion and keyboards of the sprawling and multifaceted Diego Petrini, Federico Caprai‘s thumping bass, Eva Morelli‘s flutes and saxophones, which are both caressing and sharp at the same time, and the voice of the histrionic Simone Cecchini, the new guitarist Andrea Morelli (Eva’s younger brother) is perfectly grafted onto the scratching and roaring riffs. The result is yet another excellent offering from one of the most significant bands on the modern Italian Prog Rock scene.

On Thursday August 17, 2023 at Perugia’s Giardini del Frontone, for the opening of the fourth edition of the Trasimeno Prog Festival, Il Bacio della Medusa will present a concert preview of their new album, which will be available for the occasion in both CD and LP format.

Pre-Order the album here: https://btf.it/prodotto/il-bacio-della-medusa-imilla-lp-red-vinyl/


01. Un Visto per la Bolivia 2:59
02. Amburgo 1 Aprile 71 5:05
03. La Dolorida 6:11
04. Zio Klaus 5:01
05. Dentro Monika Qualcosa Non Va 5:30
06. Ho Visto gli Occhi di Inti Virare a Nero 4:46
07. Senior Service 5:37
08. Lo Specchio di Hans Ertl 3:29
09. Colt Cobra 38 Special 5:38

Simone Cecchini
/ Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo and Backing Vocals
Diego Petrini / Drums, Percussion, Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Synth, Melodica and Typewriter
Eva Morelli / Transverse Flute, Alto Sax and Soprano Sax
Federico Caprai / Bass Guitar
Andrea Morelli / Electric and Steel Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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