[News] In Solastalgia, EitherWay publish the official video for “Morii” from upcoming album

In Solastalgia, EitherWay has a new EP “Morii” coming out and in advance of that, a music video for the title track is available to watch now. The solo project of Jean Philippe Hébert exists purely in instrumental form, a Heavy, Experimental, Post Rock listening experience that is Progressive, Cinematic and in a genre all its own. 

As Hébert explains, he is trying to create a complex, visual listening experience, like a short movie or a trip, in which the music itself changes intensity, emotions and comes in waves, there is a playful side that works with a nostalgic side. He continues, explaining the single in more detail: “Morii : Water: it’s beauty and strength. Is an adventure that begins with a quiet walk by a water source, we then plunge into the water. As the underwater reveals a soft and silent world, we move on and the soft waters become rapids that make their way to the ocean.

Definition : Morii (noun): The desire to capture a fleeting experience.”

This upcoming, initial EP draws a complete picture of all the genres that the project is merging together: a post-apocalyptic screenshot of a non-utopic universe within a 6-song act.

Heavily influenced by film scores, In Solastalgia, EitherWay will likely continue further down this path, becoming more and more complex, with bigger arrangements and more instrumentation, when Hébert attends film school.

Stating that he is a rather shy person, it took him some time to get this project off the ground. About a year ago, he started showing his music and received enough positive feedback that it encouraged him to go ahead with his project. He also became fascinated by the idea of Solastalgia and the effect that environmental change has on our collective mental health.

Watch the official video for “Morii” below:

1. Good People, Bad Medecin.
2. Opia
3. Morri
4. The Warlike Fox
5. Zenozyne
6. La Solastalgie

Single stream / download at https://insolastalgiaeitherway.bandcamp.com

The EP “Morii” is out on September 17, 2021.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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