[News] JAMBINAI publiashed the live version of “Candlelight In Colossal Darkness” from thier new EP

The title” Apparition” stems from Lee’s perception of the band he has steered since 2011. “JAMBINAI have been making intense music for an intense group of devotees in invisible places,” he says. “Overall, I have tried to express a message of comfort to everyone living in a difficult time due to the pandemic and what’s going on in the world.”

Lee’s projection of comfort starkly contrasts with the energy force that carries it: a unique combination of primary Rock colour (electric guitar, bass, drums) and Korean Folk Instruments: the piri (bamboo oboe), the yanggeum (hammered dulcimer), geomungo (zither) and saenghwang (reed mouth organ).

Apparition’s four song titles alone nail the otherworldly sensations that define the Jambinai experience. Lead track “Once More From That Frozen Bottom” instantly conjures up a landscape that feels volcanic as well as icy. At other times, Jambinai employ the slow burn, establishing a mood of serenity before the volume blasts upward and the atmosphere turns supremely dark, such as “Until My Wings Turn To Ashes” and a live version of “Candlelight In Colossal Darkness” which closes the EP with a sense of reflection and acceptance.

That leaves “From The Place Been Erased,” featuring the guest vocals of K Pop legend swja (also known as sunwoojunga, well known for working with 2NE1, Black Pink, and BTS). “I thought swja’s voice would go well with our music,” says Lee, “so I asked her for help. I am honoured that she willingly participated. Despite our heavy and strong sound, she understood its inner emotions.”

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp: https://jambinai.bandcamp.com/album/apparition


1. Once More From That Frozen Bottom 04:08
2. From The Place Been Erased 05:27
3. Until My Wings Turn To Ashes 09:22
4. Candlelight In Colossal Darkness 07:39


Ilwoo Lee / Guitar, Vocal, Piri, Saenghwang
Bomi Kim / Haegeum, Vocal
Eunyong Sim / Geomungo, Vocal
Byeongkoo Yu / Bass
Jaehyuk Choi / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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