[News] Jättedam released the single “Louie Sade” taken from their upcoming third album

Stockholm, Sweden based Experimental/Progressive Rock band Jättedam released second single “Louie Sade” taken from their upcoming third album “Onda Blommor” due out on September 01, 2023 via Gaphals. Purchase and Stream the track on Bandcamp:

The band describe the track as:

This is a dreamy sound and prog-inspired indie pop with a psychedelic touch. Guitar-driven sounds and a flow with a hypnotic atmosphere. The song is written as a tribute to Lou Reed.
The single “Louie sade” follows up on the praise that the band has accumulated over the years, and puts them in an even higher songwriting gear, in a first step towards the upcoming album Onda blommor

Onda Blommor” is the third album by Swedish Rock band Jättedam. Inspired by a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Psychedelic Pop, KrautRock, Punk, Soul and New Wave and mixing it with a unique touch of Swedish vocals, the band stands out from most contemporary acts. For anyone familiar with the Swedish Prog movement of the ’60s/’70s, this album will feel both familiar and completely new. The songs have a distinctive feeling where jam session- like soundscapes are balanced with exquisitely well-written melodies. Like A mixture of Slowgold and Dina ögon in the soundscape and whith a vocal tone that in some parts of the songs reminds of (Markus) Krunegård. The music brings back the summer evenings and lazy days vibe. With a dreamy undertone in the sound but a story that is more serious. All songs are recorded on tape, adding even more character to the sound. Jättedam is an unfiltered expression of whatever absurd fantasies, fantastic pretensions, Soul-Heavy burdens, clear insights, insatiable curiosities may come their way. Join the band and explore ”Onda Blommor.”

The band comments:
We play a rather trippy kind of rock music so there is a lot of room for expressing a broad range of lyrical styles. I try to write personal, but not TOO personal. For me, the kick of the total omission is greater than what is necessary for the world the listener is in when listening to our music. It should, as it were, lift you a little above the everyday state of mind.” 

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://jattedam.bandcamp.com/album/onda-blommor


01. Het temp 4:20
02. Onda blommor 5:15
03. Bättre inget 3:28
04. Louie sade 4:51
05. Hallå 3:08
06. Likkistan 3:42
07. Prognos 3:25
08. Aprikos 4:15

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