[News] Jonsjooel published the official video for the track “Goodbye Ah” taken from his upcoming new album

Finnish artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jonsjooel releases the cinematic single “Goodbye Ah” from his upcoming EP, “Voices Of A First Day,” due out through Kieku Records. Building on his background as a Jazz musician, he combines Folk, Jazz, and Electronica to create an expansive and Experimental tapestry that explores his innate sensitivity. This new track is particularly a profound reflection on the meaning of signs and cherishing the world around us in all its natural and fragile beauty.

Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Stream the track here: https://jonsjooel.lnk.to/GoodbyeAh

In Jonsjooel‘s own words: “Goodbye Ah is a reflection of my belief in signs. Sometimes they appear as omens, intuition, or whatever we want to call them. And if we cherish our sensitivity, we can see so much more.

Jonsjooel believes that by comprehending these signs – whether they manifest as omens, intuition, or something else entirely – we can unlock a deeper understanding of our environment. Considering the strain that humanity has placed the natural world under and its delicate state, “Goodbye Ah” comes as an earnest reminder to care for all facets of our nature, of which we are an integral part.

As Jonsjooel further explains: “I believe if you are aware of the importance of nature and your connection to it, you start to make constructive decisions in all of your actions. If we human beings want to continue living here, we can’t distance ourselves from nature as we currently tend to do. My music is just one part of my quest for connection to nature.”

This single is the first to follow Jonsjooel‘s debut solo album, “Lullabies for Younger Self,” which was released in October 2023. That deeply personal and reflective record sought to provide comfort and support for listeners, in very much the same way that “Goodbye Ah” does. The album was inspired by Jonsjooel‘s late grandmother, who was a source of constant love and support throughout his life. Listeners joining Jonsjooel in 2024, will notice familiar themes of self-care, forgiveness, and compassion, urging listeners to be kinder to themselves and those around them.

With past support from Wonderland, Louder Than War radio, Stereofox, mp3hugger, and more, Jonsjooel looks ahead to forming a deeper relationship with his listeners on the journey towards his “Voice Of A First Day” EP.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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