[News] Jupiter Hollow publish the new live video for “Scarned Valley” from “Bereavement” album

Jupiter Hollow official press kit:

Whats up everybody?

The song from our latest album, “Scarden Valley” might be one of the most raw and emotional songs we’ve ever written. As much as we love writing the crazy Prog songs – it’s extremely important to us to express other sides of the musical pallet such as this song. As you likely know, we don’t care for the idea of genre, so there’s no rules preventing us from releasing a death metal song one day and a “rock ballad” the next.

I know not everyone is into lighter rock…but for the people who relate to them – myself included – songs like this mean the WORLD.

Progressive Rock Journal, if YOU need a song to calm your nerves – I’m so glad that it’s found you. I hope it helps. If you KNOW someone who needs a new song to listen to – SEND IT TO THEM!

LETS SHARE THIS THING AND REACH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE! Not only will it help the video do well – it’ll hopefully help some people feel better.

Love y’all tons. I really hope you enjoy the video… it was done in ONE TAKE.

Have a great weekend and thanks for supporting our journey.

Grant MacKenzie

Jupiter Hollow, guitarist & bassist

Watch the live video for “Scarned Valley” through the YouTube player below:

You can can stream and download Scarden Valley from our latest album “Bereavement” on Bandcamp: jupiterhollow.ca/jupiterhollow-bereavement


1. L’Eau du Papineau (03:58)
2. Scarden Valley (05:12)
3. The Rosedale (06:26)
4. Kipling Forest (06:06)
5. The Mill (03:59)
6. Mandating Our Perception (02:28)
7. Sawbreaker (08:55)
8. Extensive Knowledge (05:40)
9. Solar Gift (12:37)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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