[News] Kimono Drag Queens to release debut album “Songs Of Worship”

Official Copper Feast Records Press Release:

Imagine a kaleidoscope of different coloured paints drying on a large effervescent artwork, you can see it all there, only it’s not quite ready. That’s what it was like for Sydney Psychedelic Rock band Kimono Drag Queens and their debut album “Songs of Worship.” It’s taken the seven-piece two years to record but as of November 6, 2020 the album’s six tracks, which were produced by Phan Sjarif at Parliament Studios, will be unleashed unto the world.

Since their formation in 2016, in between a handful of East Coast Australian tours, the band have released a string of singles, three of which: “Hunters,” “Wild Animals” and “Willy’s World” all feature on the record. So far, the music they’ve shared has represented their hive mind approach to songwriting – there are elements of Modern Psych (think King Gizzard, Here Lies Man), 60s Rock, Tuareg music (Tinariwen, Bombino), and Ambient Folk.

The record twists and turns through a broad array of psych wizardry, touching on many cornerstones of the genre, with single “Wild Animals” evoking memories of Goat’s breakout single “Run To Your Mama.” “Hunters” displays a memorising percussion performance driving the record as it pulls you deeper under its spell before you have time to brace yourself, after which the album crescendos through the euphoric “Willy’s World” to its climax, leaving you gasping for breath.

Purchase the singles from the Kimono Drag Queens Bandcamp: https://kimonodragqueens.bandcamp.com/

Kimono Drag Queens are:
Harry Webber / Vocals, Guitar.
Kellie Banyai / Vocals, Keys
Will Coleman / Vocals, Guitar
Zeppelin Hamilton / Guitar
Amy Yoshiko / Percussion
Billy Minett / Drums
William Wood / Bass Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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