[News] Korpiklaani announce new album “Jylhä”

Finnish Folk Metal superstars Korpiklaani today announce their new album “Jylhä” (Maestoso), which will be released on February 5, 2021 on Nuclear Blast Records.

Jylhä” (which has no real meaning, but can be understood as majestic, but also wild, vigorous in a decidedly beautiful way) will be available on digital, CD, black vinyl and grass green vinyl [limited to 300 pieces] and the pre-order will start soon.

To celebrate this good news, today the band released the video for their first single “Leväluhta,” watch it below:

The Korpiklaani are unique. Their blend of Finnish Folk and Heavy Metal is unmatched. Just as traditional Folk music tells stories of joy, pain and ancient times, Korpiklaani revitalize these tales by adding the high energy of Rock’n’Roll and Heavy Metal. On this record you hear what you can hear live: authentic, honest and very funny music. The Korpiklaani are the natural representation of the path of our life, creating music and emotions that make us dance all night, to calm our moments of melancholy.

Jylhä” continues this journey with a collection of tales of folklore, nature, celebration and three stories of murders, including the foul murders of Lake Bodom.

Singer Jonne declares: “’Jylhä’ is not only a heavy metal record that hits, it is also our most explosive album ever. For example, some songs contain influences of energetic punk rock and there are even some perceptible light-hearted reggae rhythms, like our first single, ‘Leväluhta’“.

Leväluhta (or Levänluhta) is a spring of Isokyrö. The remains of about a hundred bodies dating back to the Iron Age were found buried there, and it is not clear why the deceased were buried in the water. In the story, the narrator himself is one of the buried, floating in the clear water beyond time and knowledge. The video tells us a fictional story about what may have happened in the mystical Leväluhta…

Video credits:
Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Screenplay: Markku Kirves
Lighting & photography technician: Italo Moncada
Production company: Pajula Productions
Man: Yrjänä Ermala
Woman: Mirja Oksanen

The video was shot in Kammi-Kylä (Nummijärvi) in 2020.

Thanks to Erkki Kalliomäki, who built Kammi-Kylä, to our talented actors Yrjänä and Mirja and special thanks to Mikko & Susanna Summa who provided the vehicles for our transportation. Thanks also to Italo Moncada, Helmin Kortteeri, Artistiasu, Isobar Finland and Valofirma.

The tracklist of “Jylhä” is as follows:

Sanaton maa
I was
Anolan aukeat

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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