[News] Legendary Spanish Prog Rock band ATILA published the official promo video for their new album “Encarnació”

Legendary Spanish Prog Rock band ATILA published the official promo video for their new album “Encarnació” out on July 05, 2024 via 5 Lunas Producciones. Stream the promo through the YouTube player below:

5 Lunas Producciones presents the amazing new album “Encarnació” by the legendary Progressive Rock band from the 70’s: ATILA.

In the 80’s, ATILA‘s last lineup underwent changes and explored new compositions, some of which were performed live (Encarnació A & B and Estranya mágia). Inspired by this period of creativity, Joan Punyet (original drummer) brought these final songs together with new compositions of his own, designed for ATILA (Dansa del datil daurat y Retorn) and one by the original keyboard player Benet Nogué (Volada) to create and shape “Encarnació.”

Forty-six years after “Reviure” (1978), Joan Punyet, takes the reins of this project supported by the record label specializing in Progressive Rock 5 Lunas Producciones that we have achieved a sound especially careful, applying a mix and mastering entirely analog.

The album captures the pure essence of ATILA with passages that reflect their distinctive style and brings to life unreleased compositions that have been adapted and interpreted with a new instrumental sound. This is not an old mastering, but a new production that has required months of work in the studio taking care of every detail with the purest criteria of the original ATILA sound.

The album features the collaboration of musicians who, although they were not part of the band, share the commitment to preserve the essence and sound, the magic and the spirit of the golden years of Progressive Rock and ATILA.

Purchase the album here: https://5lunas.net/producto/atila-encarnacio-cd/


  1. Encarnació Part A (Encarnación Parte A) (6:07)
  2. Encarnació Part B (Encarnación Parte B) (11:59)
  3. Dansa del dátil daurat (Danza del datil dorado) (8:57)
  4. Retorn (Retorno) (8:28)
  5. Estranya mágia (Extraña magia) (9:27)
  6. Volada (Balada) (4:30)


Joan Punyet
Benet Nogué
Tony Castarnelas
Victor Mateos «Willy»
Juanma Rodríguez (Sherish)
José Ramón Torres «Jr» (Storm)
Andrés Olaegui (Guadalquivir)
Mike Starry (Omni)
César Ortiz (Lethargus)
Txell Rebel (Haunted Gods)

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