[News] Majestic Mountain Records announce the signing of Sweden’s CB3 to their roster

From Malmö, CB3 (Charlotta’s Burning Trio) have supported bands like Monolord, Kikagaku Moyo and Hällas and have enchanted the stages of PLX festival, Stockholm Jazzfestival and Köpenhamns Jazzfestival with their expansively trippy, unapologetically eclectic, and explosive Space Rock.

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The riffs are huge, even relentlessly chugging at times, the exploration is broad yet fully focused and we’re always brought back to the same deeply atmospheric destination, an oasis of highly considered, beautifully layered and infinitely gripping trip-Rock.

With stylistic references firmly in the past nodding to bands like Hawkwind, Hendrix, Cream and Pink Floyd among others, we find CB3 cutting their own futuristic path through crushing stoner territory but with shimmering forays into a dreamily explosive, shimmeringly cosmic, and mind-bending soundscape.

We are happy to announce that we are signing with Majestic Mountain Records for our future release. It feels awesome to have friends of the scene and our band like Marco, Svempa and Vesper to do this release together with. We share the same nerdy interest for music and the same care and support of the underground music scene. When the pandemic cancelled everything, it made changes to us as a band and a new musical era of CB3 was born.

Stoked to share this new era with Majestic Mountain Records and all of you out there!” – Charlotta of CB3

Exploration” will be released this fall with the full Majestic treatment and ushers in a new era of CB3 where for the first time, vocalised lyrics are introduced into their compositions.

Exploration” is the first part of a space adventure where a daydreaming character physically enters his dreams which then become reality. Heavy Psych, even heavier jams, progressive rhythms and form structures promise to take the listener beyond the constructs of space and time.

Stars above, evil below and fire in between. A trinity in peace for aeons. CB3 (Charlottas Burning Trio) is here to bring you on a journey with their explosive Rock jams and mind-bending cosmic soundscapes bringing the spirit of Psychedelia music to the 21th century.

More Information about the release and pre-sale to come, in the meantime, please give CB3 a warm Majestic welcome.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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