[News] Major Parkinson unveil first single “Saturday Night Up” taken from upcoming new album

Saturday Night” is the first single from Major Parkinson’s fifth studio album, “Valesa: Chapter I.” And with this song, this eccentric musical collective returns with something of a paradigm shift – exchanging the dark vortex of “Blackbox” (2017) with bright sunsets and ocean boulevards.

Saturday Night” is a hedonistic technicolor blaze against the backdrop of a deranged skyline.

Marrying heavy philosophical questions with the playfulness of this pop anthem, Major Parkinson explores a paradox between the complexities of life and the simplicity of what we consume. This juxtaposition is highlighted throughout the song by the deep resonance of Jon Ivar Kollbotn’s enigmatic voice, and the airy, glittery counterpart of Peri Winkle (Claudia Cox).

With this song, Major Parkinson weaves an intricate and synth-heavy tapestry that heralds a new direction for the band. Maintaining the darker soundscapes of their past, while introducing a new, more light-hearted sonic approach, they continue to exist at the very forefront of Progressive Rock and the ever elusive ghost of Pop Music.

It’s something as paradoxical as a song about staying in the moment. How about that?”, says vocalist Jon Ivar Kolbotn.

A synth anthem set in a disco of nuclear anxiety. In this day and age, life is passing before our eyes before we can grasp anything at all, and we become spectators in our own lives. Like confused, geriatric visitors in a wax museum. As time passes by, the past is becoming brighter and nostalgia is growing bigger. This is the backdrop of the song.”

Purchase and stream the track here: https://orcd.co/majsat

Major Parkinson announces their long-awaited return with the new album “Valesa – Chapter I: Velvet Prison,” releasing on CD, vinyl, cassette and all streaming platforms on October 7, 2022. The ever-evolving seven-piece has emerged from the primordial darkness of 2017’s “Blackbox,” into a neon haze of Progressive Synthpop/Rock. Having chased the ever-elusive Ghost of Pop music from the early days of their eponymous debut album to the present, the band has always thrived within a melodic core – often clad under a shroud of progressive experimentation. On “Valesa – Chapter I,” the shackles are off, the curtain pulled back, as their compositions extrapolate with new focus and invention. Not necessarily less intricate, but definitely more Pop.

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