[News] Marble publish the lyric video for the track “30 Silver Coins” from new album

The Italian Progressive/Melodic Metal band Marple publish the lyric video for the track “30 Silver Coins” taken from the album “S.A.V.E.” out on February 16, 2021 via Sliptrick Records, watch the video below:

The new album from North Italian Melodic Metal act Marble is called “S.A.V.E.” It presents a irrepressible mix of Heavy guitar riffs, powerful aggressiveness, amazing guitar solos, surprising keyboard harmonies and original technical rhythms, blended with Eleonora’s breath-taking, catchy melodies and epic choruses. “S.A.V.E.” will thrill fans of both Melodic and Extreme Metal music. The album lyrics are focused on human behavior and entwined with the three theological virtues and the seven deadly sins in a gloomy and decadent mood.

S.A.V.E.” was recorded by the groups bass player Daniel Fleba in his Marble Workshop, while the mix and mastering sessions were handled by Giulio Capone (Moonlight Haze). On the track “30 Silver Coins” (about the virtues of “Hope”), there’s a guest appearance of growling vocals from Maurizio Caverzan, singer of Death Metal act In-Sight, while the track “A Darker Shade Of Me” (about the sin “Wrath”), has the melodies of a real string quartet, lead by “Maestra” Barbara Rubin and “Maestro” Francesco Bossoni.

Lastly, Marble’s album features astonishing artwork, representing the whole concept of the lyrics. The cover and booklet were made by the well known Finnish artist Jan “Örkki” Yrlund of Darkgrove Design.

From the band: “30 Silver Coins’ is our third single taken from the album ‘S.A.V.E.’ The main subject is the theological virtue “Hope”. Here we tried to describe the reasons behind Judas Iscariot betrayal as a man, beside God’s or Devil’s will (as written in John’s Gospel). The 30 silver pieces of silver were paid to Judas by the Priests for selling Jesus to the soldiers.

The meanings behind the song are the fallen hopes of Judas, how all the words Jesus told were only lies and the vision of salvation is just a mere illusion. But Judas is still sad, and in the chorus he sings his sadness to the priests, describing the void left by the “Son of God”, without mentioning him directly. Musically we wrote up-tempo, with lots of double bass drum in the main riff and a thrash approach for the verses, while the choruses and the leads parts, maintain our trademark melodic style.


01. Mine
02. Heartless Disease
03. 30 Silver Coins
04. My Mask Collection
05. What Leads Us To 
06. To Feed The Worms
07. A Darker Shade Of Me
08. Where Is The Light
09. Timelines
10. Daymare Town
11. Sins And Virtues Ending

Marble Lineup:
Eleonora Travaglino / Vocals
Paul Beretta / Lead Guitars
Omar Gornati / Guitars
Jacopo Marchesi / Keyboards
Norman Ceriotti / Drums
Daniel Fleba / Bass

S.A.V.E.‘ is available from:

Marble |Official Website|Facebook Page|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|
Sliptrick Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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